Inside the Twin Cities' First Distillery Cocktail Room

Tammy Kimbler
Ed Kim, left, makes a Steady Eddie, right

Brewery taprooms are about to get a run for their money.

Last weekend, Du Nord Craft Spirits opened the Twin Cities' first distillery cocktail room -- the hard stuff's version of a taproom -- serving cocktails made exclusively with their own spirits.

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Shakopee's First Post-Prohibition Brewery Now Open

Amanda Pruka

It took longer than planned, but the taps are now flowing at the new Badger Hill taproom in Shakopee.

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The Salt Cellar Is Now Open in Cathedral Hill

Categories: Now Open

Alan Bergo

The hotly anticipated Cathedral Hill restaurant by Alan Bergo, also known as the Forager Chef, is now open. The nouveau take on a classic steakhouse will be heavily influenced by Bergo's passionate avocation as a forager of mushrooms and other wild food. He boldly states:

"I know more about indigenous mushrooms and plants of our area than any other chef in the Midwest."

He shared some photos with us (he is also a photographer and blogger) to give us a visual idea of what we can expect from the new restaurant.

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Eastlake Brewery Opens Today in Midtown Global Market

Categories: Beer, Now Open

Loren Green

Since opening in 2006, the Midtown Global Market has been an embodiment of multi-culturalism in the Twin Cities. Today, its first brewery, Eastlake Craft Brewery, opens as a self-defined "post-modern brewery," one that keeps with the MGM pluralism by welding traditional brewing techniques with modern flair and influences from across the globe.

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Pilgrimage Cafe Now Open in Old Citizen Cafe Space

Categories: Now Open

Harry Reynolds
Asian Sesame Salad

When the lights went dark in the Standish neighborhood's beloved Citizen Cafe, we received emails fraught with despair. The "cafe for the people" was one of those places that makes a neighborhood worth living in -- intimate little dining room, staff who know your name, hot coffee, and a house-ground burger.

Well, people of Standish, you may breathe a little easier now. Chef Craig Ball has swooped in to take over the space: Citizen is now Pilgrimage, and it seems to be no less a place for the people.

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Philip Becht of Victor's on Water Isn't That Kind of Chef

Phillip Becht
Chef Phillip Becht and his crew at Victor's on Water

Chef Phillip Becht has no taste for the celebrity of chefdom, any sliver of spotlight, or even the interview I'm foisting upon him on the second day of service at Victor's on Water, though he graciously capitulates.

I'm almost loathe to use the term "chef" with him, fraught as the term has become with innuendos of ego, trash talking, and swagger. But it only means "boss," and I'd say Becht would be a stellar one to have.

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Dorothy's Dinners at Spoon & Stable Are a Tip of the Toque to Gavin Kaysen's Grandma

Categories: Eat This, Now Open

Courtesy of Spoon & Stable
An example of a Dorothy's Dinner

What chef isn't inspired at least in some part by the first loving tastes of childhood?

Chef Gavin Kaysen is no different, despite his status as the most illustrious name in food around this city right now.

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Twin Cities Wine Guru, Bill Summerville, on His Collection for Spoon and Stable


Had a memorable meal in Minneapolis lately? Chances are good that Bill Summerville had something to do with the experience.

After leaving his long-held post as managing director and sommelier at La Belle Vie this past spring, Summerville has been in project mode. He partnered with chef Erik Anderson on a well-received fried chicken and Champagne pop-up at Travail and designed the wine programs at the Third Bird and Sea Change. He then traveled, tasted, and studied his way through hundreds of bottles to create the perfect collection for Gavin Kaysen's North Loop hot spot, Spoon and Stable, where Summerville is general manager and wine director.

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Goat Meat and Cheese Get Top Billing at Ian Gray's Curious Goat Food Truck

Hannah Sayle
Goat cheese curds, the signature dish at the Curious Goat

In a little orange trailer, Ian Gray has packed all of his goat-loving culinary whiz-dom into a simple, seasonal menu. The Curious Goat is, as the name would suggest, heavily geared toward goat products, practically a showcase for nearby Singing Hills Goat Dairy. But there are plenty of other enticements: beef sliders, pork ribs, and a number of clean-eating vegetarian options.

Gray's last venture, the Gray House, was known for changing up its menu to an almost irksome degree (no dish, not even the most beloved, was too precious for the chopping block), and he promises a similar seasonal shuffle with this new venture. But if you worry you'll be annoyed with the unpredictable menu offerings, we implore you to go anyway and let this trailer, ahem, get your goat.

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Now Open: The Turf Club's Full Kitchen Serving Brunch, Dinner, and Late Night Snacks

Hannah Sayle
New turf for the Turf Club

There was a time when eating at the Turf Club meant waiting, hoping, and wishing for the Tamale Lady to stroll in with her four for $5 special. Now the newly renovated and reopened live music venue in St. Paul has a full kitchen of its very own, and is serving weekend brunch and a daily lunch, dinner, and happy hour. How does the culinary show stack up against the dependably cool music lineup? It depends on what you're looking for.

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