Tinto Cocina + Cantina Is Now Open and Serving Made-to-Order Tortillas

Mecca Bos

Uptown has been desperately wringing its hands in hopes of some good Mexican food. Recent transplant Salsa a la Salsa has largely disappointed, as have Lagos Tacos and Nico's for really good, craveable tacos with a dose of authenticity. Real-deal handmade corn masa tortillas, well seasoned roasted meats, nose-running chile, and lots of fresh cilantro with shaved radish and lime. Tinto Cocina + Cantina might just be poised to fit that bill. Jesus. We pray.

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Simpls in the Skyway: A Healthy Foods Convenience Store

Categories: Now Open

Simpls Facebook Page
Look at them all! Young pros on the go, grabbing and going at Simpls skyway convenience store for the heath food set.

There's a certain breed of animal. They are called Millennial Professionals, and hoo boy are they in a hurry! Look for them in their natural habitat, the skyway system. But please, move to the side, don't get in their way, and do not feed them. They've got this. And did we mention that they're in a hurry?

You see, these young professionals didn't get to be that way because they spent a lot of time sitting, contemplating, chewing cud like a slit-eyed cow. No! They've got work to do! Let's get this lunch thing done, and let's get a move on. And it had better be healthy. Strong abs are key to the fast life.

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New Digs (With Brewery!) for Verdant Tea Shop and Sample Room

Categories: Now Open

Tony Nelson

Everybody: Watch out for the Ducklers, David and Lily and Eva (husband, wife, and 18-year old sister to David). They're like mythical creatures, they're so savvy and smart and overachieving.

David is a fluent speaker of Chinese who received a grant partly funded by the CIA to go to China for research and education and in part to and glean the stories of tea producers -- the myths, traditions, and folklore behind this ancient product.

While there, they worked as professors by day and gathered these stories by evening, and they developed a deep and abiding love of tea and the people who produce it.

When they left, they made a promise to all of their new friends that once back in the U.S. they would share the stories. So being the dutiful professors that they were, they wrote papers and did lectures doing just that.

But the stories didn't really make sense without the tea.

So suddenly, they were in the tea import business and opened Verdant Tea, Cafe and Tasting Room in Seward.

But of course, as with any good overachievers, they didn't stop there.

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Shagalicious: Shag Sushi and Wok in the North Loop Is Now Open and It's Good!

Mecca Bos
Do I make you horny baby, do I?

You will grow older and you will see a great many things. You will become jaded. It could be anything: a font, a word, the angle of the sun.

Inexplicable ire and disdain will rise from some deep recess of your soul. You will become curmudgeonly.

And sometimes, along comes something, and you will be surprised. And you will be happy.

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Tibet to Tartlets: Old Seward Himalayan Restaurant is Now Mon Petit Cheri Bakery Cafe

Mecca Bos

When I stop by the just barely open Mon Petit Cheri in the old Seward Himalayan space, baker/chef/owner Emily Rheigans is asleep.

"She usually gets the bakery case filled and then she takes a quick nap before she starts the bread," a cook steps out of the kitchen to tell me.

Smart. Savvy. A girl needs to be practical in this harsh, competitive world of baked goods.

Luckily, I got her on the phone earlier in the day.

She tells me she visited France but couldn't speak the language. No matter -- the savvy in this world lead with their foibles. There's bound to be someone who loves you for it.

"Mon petit cheri" being the only thing she could say with a convincing French accent, she called it good enough and slapped it on her awning.

The no-pretense attitude will come out in the food, too, she says. "We're not afraid to have chocolate chip banana bread on the menu."

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Shhhh: Prairie Dogs Restaurant "Quietly Open" on Lake Street

Categories: Now Open

Photo courtesy of Prairie Dogs Facebook Page
It's a bright, sunshiny day for Prairie Dogs: Their brick-and-mortar is finally open.

Don't wake the babies. And by babies we mean all the cute little dogs and sausages of Prairie Dogs, all snug and looped and linked and napping in their permanent home after a year on the road with little hobo sacks slung over their porky little shoulders. They must be so relieved.

Or at least co-owners Tobie Nidetz and Craig Johnson oughta be, though they're still working out a few kinks, and say that they're currently conducting "a few trials."

Which means: Prairie Dogs is now open on Lake Street! (On a limited basis).

The scoop:

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Beloved Legacy Chocolates Makes a Quiet Comeback in New St. Paul Location

Categories: Now Open

Photo courtesy Legacy Chocolates website
Are you a flop with chicks? Legacy Chocolates Potion #9 will have you kissing everything in sight.

Remember Legacy Chocolates, from the artisanal chocolatier/farmer who had a little storefront on Marshall Avenue where they sold the city's finest handmade chocolate truffles along with their locally grown Highland cattle grass-fed beef? (Only in Minnesota, right?)

They hand-dipped their truffles using only the finest single-origin Mexican and South American dark chocolates before that was a thing, before anyone knew the difference between 85 percent cacao and a Hershey's kiss, or why it mattered.

It's safe to say they were ahead of their time, and they went away quietly after four years (though they still had a shop in Menomonie, Wisconsin).

Well now, just as quietly, they're back and better than ever.

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Wedge Table on Eat Street Now Open With Grab-and-Go Market and Cafe

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Photo courtesy of the Wedge
Eat Street's new Wedge Table is a smaller scale grocery with a cafe and lots of grab-and-go items.

Have you ever wished you could just hang out at the co-op a little longer than it takes to grab your kale juice and your sustainably raised bacon? Kick back and pop a brew maybe, and then grab a baguette and some soup and a vegan brownie and go home to live some more good life?

The Wedge is making all of those things possible with the new Eat Street store Wedge Table, which could be described as a mini co-op with a nice little civilized cafe and an amped-up bakery, all of which instantly ups the curb appeal for anyone living in that neighborhood.

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Salsa a la Salsa Uptown: Now Open and Already Better than Bone Yard

Mecca Bos
Salsa a la Salsa took over the old Bone Yard space in just a few short weeks.

It's like it stepped into a phone booth, stripped off its dorky glasses and cheap blazer, and quickly donned a superhero cape. Salsa a la Salsa wasted no time at all shaking off the Bone Yard ick and elevating uptown's Hennepin Avenue stretch.

Here's hoping they can continue to pull off the trick.

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The New Dan Kelly's Pub Brings Craft Beer, Cider, and Irish Classics to Downtown

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Dan Kelly's
Dan Kelly's has been scrubbed, and now boasts new and improved suds and chef-driven Irish fare.

Those who have drunk at Dan Kelly's since the beginning of time might not recognize it the next time they cross the threshold to downtown's serious drinker's den on Seventh Street. But before getting all up in arms about sacred cows, know that the new iteration has kept the integrity of the place intact, turning what was formerly a charming Irish dive into a charming Irish pub that feels like it's been there forever.

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