Fan Fare: How to Make Awesome Goldy Gopher Pancakes

What could be more mesmerizing, when you're on the couch and a couple of drinks into the evening, than to watch a guy making pancakes?

By now you know we're not just talking about any old pancakes, because it's a phenomenon -- with almost 60,000 YouTube results on the search term.

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You've Seen Side Cleavage, But What About Side Plate?

Alma Guzman
A case of side plate spotted at Corner Table.

We first noticed it at Parlour Bar. The guy sitting next to us had taken delivery of his entree, and we just stared. And stared some more. The guy finally asked if we intended to snatch his dinner.

No, it wasn't his octopus that we wanted. What we wanted was to know why it was plated all the way over at 3 o' clock on its dish, while the remainder of the plate was empty.

We stared some more.

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Does Soylent Actually Taste Like Playdough? [Video]

What Does Soylent Actually Taste Like? from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

We're into experimentation here at City Pages... whether you give us heaping plateful of lamb testicles, some sneakily obtained camel milk, or just straight-up bugs, we're game to try just about anything.

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Plate or Pass: Blood

Last Friday night, our kitchen looked like a murder scene. We didn't mean for it to happen. We were told to run the blood through a strainer to remove clots and figured a coffee filter would work fine in its place. Wrong. The blood saturated the filter within seconds, poured out of the bowl, spread toward the butcher knife, trickled down the cabinet, and began collecting in a puddle on the floor. The harder we scrubbed, the bigger the mess. It got underneath our fingernails, stuck between floor tiles, and splattered against the wall. But the sight wasn't nearly as bothersome as the smell, a combination of stainless steel and slaughterhouses that was growing worse by the second. We grimaced. How were we supposed to ingest this stuff? There's something about eating blood that's too reminiscent of pain, injury, and death to be pleasurable.

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3 ways to use up and booze up your Thanksgiving leftovers [RECIPE]

Photo courtesy Paul Irmiter
Iron Bartender winners: Marvel Bar's Jesse Ostendorf and Keith Mrotek
Sure, we can dig on a turkey sandwich, but why not get a little bit more creative with this year's leftovers? We knew no one could transform the mundane into the marvelous better than one of the cocktail champions at Marvel Bar. We reached out to Keith Mrotek, half of the winning team that brought home this year's coveted Iron Bartender title. Here are a few thoughts and some very precise cocktail recipes for dealing with the bites left behind from the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Watch kid chefs get experimental with their pizzas at the Mall of America

Think back to the days of rectangle-shaped pizza sprinkled with mini pepperoni cubes that fit perfectly into your school lunch tray. Yeah, we're glad to be past that, too. What would've been your ideal kind of pizza as a kid? This weekend, you can watch kids show off their creative culinary talents and emulate our favorite anthropomorphic turtles to bake the most righteous 'za in the land.

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Super sweet Pride-themed food in the Twin Cities

This weekend, rainbows will be everywhere -- from clothes and flags to signs and more. Lots of things under the sun (and rain, if the forecast is correct) will be sporting the good ol' ROYGBIV spectrum in support of Twin Cities Pride... that includes some pretty sweet stuff. We collected some of the sweetest displays of Pride support for you.

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The 25 Best Forgotten 1990s Food Commercials

In honor of the Totally Sweet '90s Book Launch Party at Magers & Quinn, we compiled a whole slew of our favorite (and sadly, discontinued) foods available during the 1990s... and their respective commercial gems.

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Top 10 Arrested Development eats: A Twin Cities food tour

It's time for the final countdown. In celebration of Arrested Development's return on May 26, we decided a food tour was in order. From variations on cornballs to juice, we rounded up some of the Twin Cities' answers to the Bluths' most-iconic sips and nibbles for the perfect trip around the metro. Plus, it's Memorial Day weekend -- there's a whole extra day of the weekend to wander around the cities checking these Bluth favorites off your list. Don't make a huge mistake. Try all of these.

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Herkimer's summer sports leagues are back

Herkimer Sports LeagueII.jpg
Courtesy of the Herkimer
Herkimer's outdoor sports stadium.

For over 13 years, The Herkimer has been serving up more than just beer and food - they have also sponsored a variety of sports leagues from kickball to bean bags.

Caroline O'Halloran, social media and marketing manager for Herkimer, tells us their roster also includes volleyball, softball, hockey, dodge ball, and shuffleboard.

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