Go Ahead, Eliminate Tipping. You'll Get What You Pay For.

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Tony Nelson
Despite mimimum wage increases for all employees, some servers are not down with the idea of eliminating tipping.

Last week Hot Dish ran "Is It Time to Do Away With Tipping? Maybe." The story concerned Minnesota's recent minimum wage increase (it currently sits at $8 an hour but will increase incrementally until it reaches $9.50 in 2016). Governor Dayton has said he will not enact a "tip credit," which would allow bars and restaurants to pay tipped employees less than the new minimum wage if they make up the difference in tips.

So we took a stance. Maybe with the new minimum wage it's time to eliminate the custom of tipping? A server responds:

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Is It Time to Do Away With Tipping? Maybe.

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Want to write for the Hot Dish?

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From taquerias and donut shops to black market camel milk and barrel-aged beers, we nerd out on all aspects of eating and imbibing in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. If you feel the same, drop us a line. We're looking for writers who love to eat, drink, and cook; writers with personality and presence.

Hate communal table dining with the passion of a thousand fiery pizza ovens? Tell us about it. Have a favorite hole-in-the-wall hangout you'd like to celebrate? Rhapsodize on. Think toast is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Convince us. Writers with an eye for good photography are especially encouraged to respond.

We'll be honest: The pay isn't great. But if you love food and you love writing, the Hot Dish has a space for you to explore dining in the Twin Cities. Email us with your ideas, writing samples, and interests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Letter of the Day: Modern Times Review

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One of the yards described in the Modern Times review, across the street from the Chicago Avenue restaurant.
Kevin Hoffman,
I'm not writing you to try to change Rachel's mind about South Minneapolis and Powderhorn. Nor am I writing to point out that her classist and biased article is factually incorrect (none of the houses on the block where Modern Times is have gutters that sag, lawns that have gone to seed, or rusty bikes as home decor).

I'm writing to ask that you please use your restaurant reviews to review the restaurant, not as a platform to spew your completely inaccurate and sensationalized views of a neighborhood you've obviously never spent time in nor as a pedestal from which to look down on a community that you clearly think you're better than.

As Rachel is clearly incapable of this task, I ask that you find a writer who can stick to the job at hand.

Thank you,
Kayla D

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Letter of the Day: Describing 50th Street Cafe crowds is age-ist

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pearsons outside.jpg
Marsha Trainer
The site of the controversy: Pearson's vs. 50th Street Cafe

A reader responds to the recent Dish review of 50th Street Cafe:


Prediction: 50th Street cafe will last about three months before folding and being sold to developers. Your smarmy ''age-ist'' commentary on the previous Pearson's customers was idiotic in the extreme. Who do you think kept the place solvent all those years? (Personally, it was not my ''scene'' but is not everyone entitled their own ''hangout''--or is that only the desperately trendy "wannabes'' such as yourself who think that canes and white hair are unacceptable patrons?)

PS--you are MOST definitiely NOT NOT NOT in the group that has expendable income owing to a lifetime of economies. wuld you even keep your job if you could not eat on an expense account?

a regular reader
Anne Marie

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Should restaurant service be a requirement, like military?

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A reader, Michelle from St. Paul, recently wrote The Hot Dish to make the case that serving in a restaurant should be a requirement for every young adult. Here's what she says:

It's long been my belief that serving in a restaurant, for a minimum of 6 months, should be a requirement prior to, or immediately following high school graduation. Dining out is one of few things that every person does at some point in their life, yet I'm constantly surprised how few people actually know how to behave when doing so. This requirement would level the playing field. Take it one step further and give people the choice; 6 months serving in a restaurant or 1 year in the military.

While a compulsory draft for restaurant service isn't likely to be legislated any time soon, Michelle makes a good point that many diners could learn a thing or two from a few months spent walking in a waiter's shoes. If you've worked as a server, what has the experience taught you, and what values might it instill in the next generation?

Is (Summit) Winter officially here?

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question mark.jpg
Is Summit Winter available yet? I don't see any announcements on their website, but I've heard rumors it's on tap in select bars already. Any truth to this rumor? I like to ensure my liver gets plenty of facetime with my favorite seasonal beverage (f**k eggnog).


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Sourdough starter, anyone?

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sourdough starter.jpg
A reader writes:
Say, I'm wanting to purchase a live (not dried) sourdough starter (for bread making) and I'd love to find something local... trouble is, I can't think of where to buy one. Do you have any ideas? I know of a few places online that will ship a live culture overnight, but it's hard to know just how good it will be. There's got to be someone locally or even regionally that carries these... or maybe even a person I could buy some of theirs... ideas?

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It's afternoon tea time--pinkies up!

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tea service.jpg


A reader writes: "Is there someplace in Minneapolis that serves high tea?"

Starting today, the answer is yes: The Hotel Ivy begins hosting daily afternoon tea service from 3 - 5 p.m. in its chic lobby.

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Is low-key brunch an oxymoron?

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A reader writes:

Do you have a recommendation for a place to take my mom on her 90th birthday for brunch? Ambiance is important to her, and she loves good food of all types. She is in a wheelchair so it has to be handicapped accessible, also not too noisy.  I thought about Nicollet Island Inn but their brunch is so pricey and she doesn't eat very much. There will be about 6 of us.

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