Uptown Market to close halfway through fourth season

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Summer ends early for one farmers market

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Uptown Market opens--here's a first look
Uptown Market

This Sunday will be Uptown Market's last.

The market opened its fourth season in a new location just a month ago, on June 10, and was scheduled to run through the end of September. Instead, the market's mix of crafts, food trucks, and farm-fresh produce will be available just one more time, on July 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. On its Facebook page, the group behind the market wrote that it hopes "this will be a 'farewell' of sorts," and asked friends and supporters to swing by and support it during the last hurrah.

The market's board chair, Brendan Jordan, explained the reasons behind the closing.

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Aussie's Kebabs: From Kickstarter to city corner

Aussie Kebabs sign (200x150).jpg
Shaved meat makes great street eats.
A new trailer parked near Nicollet and Ninth Street in downtown Minneapolis is bringing a taste of the world to our Midwestern streets. Owner Chris Millner has traveled the world and found a great idea in the doner kebabs of eastern Australia.

We stopped by to give them a try. Lesson number one learned: It's not doner like the Donner party, it's doner like loner. 

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Anchor Fish & Chips: A new food truck, a party, and a dream realized

Anchor Fish & Chips goes mobile
Northeast Minneapolis restaurant Anchor Fish & Chips is expecting quite a party when it launches its new food truck in its parking lot on May 19. Its debut will be part of the northeast Minneapolis 2012 Art-a-Whirl and will feature a few beer vendors as well as live music. Fish and chips, meat pasties, and a variety of other Irish goodies will be on the menu when Anchor joins the ranks of our eclectic mobile merchants. .

We recently talked about the young restaurant's new endeavor with co-owner and chef Luke Kyle.

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City Pages' Food Truck Map: Now updated for spring

food truck map x250.jpg
Lunch made easy: Food trucks at your fingertips
Today is May Day, which always somehow seems like the first unofficial day of spring. And as we know, the Best Sign of Spring this year is the return of the food trucks--the best excuse yet to get out of the office and enjoy the day.

But with so many mobile lunch counters on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul, how can you keep track of them all? You could take a walk to Marquette Avenue or Rice Park and hope for the best. You could follow a dozen or more Twitter feeds and spend half your lunch hour searching through them all. Or you could just click on City Pages' newly updated and incredibly handy Food Truck Map and find them all at your fingertips. Just click on a truck icon to find a favorite food cart near your location and get connected instantly to its Twitter page or website, where you'll find its daily location and what's on the menu.

The map is a work in progress--constantly updated as new trucks hit the streets. So forget the sack lunch or the same old fast food. Just bookmark our map and try a new food truck today.

City Pages Food Truck Map

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Dirty Donuts: Who's behind this guerrilla doughnut operation?

Thumbnail image for Drrty Donut V.jpg
The elusive Dirty Donuts.
About eight months ago, a strange new Twitter handle began getting mentions from local hip-hop artists.

"if you live in the twin cities and you like doughnuts and/or anarchy, you need to follow @drrtydonutz now," tweeted Astronautalis a.k.a. Andy Bothwell.

From Doomtree, simply: "Dirty Donuts."

Before long, concert-goers were tweeting that they'd just been mysteriously pastry-bombed at venues around town by a strange guerrilla doughnut operation.

But who or what is Dirty Donuts? Today we got some answers. Some.

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Untamed Cart offers one-of-a-kind sandwiches

Categories: Street Food

Untamed Cart 1.jpg
Michelle Bruch
The owner of Sporty's Pub and Grill is using his new food cart to get creative in the kitchen.
You have to travel to the Iron Range to match the porketta sandwiches for sale at the new Untamed Cart stand at 10th and Nicollet Mall.

"They're definitely not what people expect," says owner and chef Joe Radaich, who also owns Sporty's Pub and Grill near the University of Minnesota campus.

He's selling porkettas and Mexican pot roast sandwiches that are much more adventurous than the burgers and fries he sells at Sporty's. Radaich says the sandwiches are so unconventional, he has a little bit of trouble describing them.

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Saucy Burt's makes the meatball a street food staple

Categories: Street Food

Thumbnail image for Saucy.Burts.1.jpg
Michelle Bruch
Saucy Burt's aims to be one of the few local places to find a meatball sandwich.
Sarah Burt thanks her Italian grandmother for the inspiration to open a food cart selling Italian meatball subs.

You'll find Burt on the corner of Fifth and Nicollet scooping meatballs smothered in a marinara sauce of her own creation.

"The Twin Cities was lacking in a solid meatball sandwich option," Burt says.

Burt's meatballs are made with beef, pork, and veal, and the sandwich comes with Italian plum tomatoes and lots of fresh herbs and garlic.

We talked with her more about this new Minneapolis street cart.

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Gai Gai Thai brings feisty street fare to the farmers markets

Categories: Street Food

Try Gai Gai Thai's green curry rice and Thai iced tea.
On some of these summer days when it's been hot as Bangkok at 9 'o clock in the morning, we figure, Why try to beat it, when we can join it?

Such weather is just an excuse to indulge in the Southeast Asian street eats of farmers' market vendor Gai Gai Thai and have ourselves a green curry breakfast.

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St. Paul restaurant owners say food trucks are eating profits

Categories: Street Food

Food Truck Map.png
Brent Schoonover
St. Paul restaurants vs. food trucks.
When the city of Minneapolis was creating its food truck policy, several restaurant owners spoke out against it, saying the competition was unfair.

Now that food trucks have come out in full force in downtown St. Paul, the Pioneer Press has found several frustrated restaurant owners.

Mario Gambino, owner of Andreas Pizza in Lowertown, reportedly screamed at the drivers of a cupcake truck parked in front of his restaurant for more than two hours. He says that enforcement of time limits has been lax and that the trucks take away business, take up parking spaces, and the generators make too much noise.

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Simply Steve's food truck hits the streets

Tom Pilcher
Simply Steve's, awaiting the lunchtime hordes.

Steve Ramlow has been busy lately.

The other day, the owner of the new Minneapolis food truck Simply Steve's was rummaging around his kitchen as he finished up a batch of Strawberry Shortcake Sliders for the Minneapolis Farmer's Market last Thursday. The dessert is a new addition to his ever-changing, unique menu.

Though Ramlow claims his food is simple, there's more to it than he admits.

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