Because It's Cold Outside, and Other Reasons You Should Be Eating More Ethiopian Food

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Anthony Goto
Ethiopian food is good, and good for you.

The Twin Cities is home to thousands of Ethiopian immigrants. But that isn't why you should get to know the cuisine. The Twin Cities is also home to thousands of lakes, but that doesn't mean we're going to implore you to set up an ice fishing rig.

Ethiopian cuisine is one of those gems that's hidden in plain sight, like a winter carnival medallion, but a spicy, delicious one that you can eat.

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The Twin Cities' Most Humble Chefs

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Image by Emily Utne
Not so very long ago, mamas didn't let their babies grow up to be cooks. It's no accident that restaurant kitchens were situated in the back, with swinging doors firmly affixed to their entrances. Food was supposed appear out of nowhere, like magic. The people who cooked it were irrelevant — interchangeable cogs in military brigade systems, or miscreants who did the job as a means to some other end. For evidence of this, look no further than food's favorite bad boy, Anthony Bourdain, who describes the life of the derelict cook in his famous tell-all book Kitchen Confidential.

These days, we delight in the cook as artist. We want to know who put together the plate, how they did it, what drives them, and how they can possibly be so capable, so creative. For a while it was fun — what cook didn't like coming out of the shadows for a bit, getting their picture taken, having ladies (and fellows) give them "that look"?

But another trend is brewing, one of kitchen crews wondering if they really have time for all this folly. Who has time for genius when the hood needs cleaning and the cost of beef won't stop going up?

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Doug Flicker Shows Food Is Art in Beautiful Short Film [VIDEO]

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Daniel Cummings
Doug Flicker says he's merely a line cook in Daniel Cummings's short documentary, Lost in Thought

A quick poll: Raise your hand if you plan to travel to the top 10 restaurants in the world anytime soon.


Right, only in our dreams. But local filmmaker Daniel Cummings thinks culinary art needn't be limited to our sense of taste. He's letting diners experience world-class food another way.

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Marvel Bar Mixologist Pip Hanson Releases Album

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Pip Hanson can mix a mean cocktail as well as a tasty groove

Nobody can just have one hustle these days, can they? We already know that Marvel Bar's Pip Hanson is one of the most serious barmen in the city. He learned his craft in Tokyo from bartenders who have been doing old-timey cocktails since before that was a thing, even in Brooklyn. But a rock star too? Turns out Hanson has a musical bent that goes beyond the clink of ice cubes in a glass.

Hanson says 2007 was the most difficult year of his life. He was living in Tokyo, feeling lonely and isolated in that metropolis. Between working different jobs and internships he didn't have much time to do anything when he got home except get ready for bed.

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Want Free Beer? Here, Water This Tree


In the last week or so eagle-eyed Minneapolis residents may have noticed an enticing offer tagged to their neighborhood tree. Water a tree... beer for free. Yep, you read that right.

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How to Get In On the Off-the-Menu Surprises at Spoon and Stable

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Spoon and Stable
Special off-the-menu ramen at Spoon and Stable

Chefs are known for treating other industry folk to zany, off-menu treats not specifically marketed with the general public in mind. Spoon and Stable has promised a rotating program of late-night surprises, such as a recent 20-orders-only batch of ramen, served after 10 p.m. at their very of-the-moment North Loop restaurant.

So how can you get your hands on some?

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Pipeline Confections Can Turn Anything Into a Cookie


"I pretty much think of everything in cookie terms," says Holly Lowe of Pipeline Custom Cookie Bakery. She says she grew up in a house with an avid baker for a mom and a cartoonist for a dad, and inevitably for her the two talents mind-melded.

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New Digs for Prohibition Kombucha

Prohibition Facebook

The kombucha company inspired by founder Nate Uri's four months on the wagon (he was bored and needed a bevie to quell the cravings) has landed a 5,300-square foot Seward warehouse space, where they'll be able to increase their production five-fold.

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Forget Pub Crawls: The Twin Cities Donut Crawl Is Here

On November 8, donut fiends will crawl through the streets, leaving a trail of sugary glaze behind them.

If there's one thing we can say about donut fans, it's that they're diehard. Something in those rings of deep-fried dough inspires a fiercely obsessive hunger that somehow makes triple the daily sugar allowance totally acceptable as breakfast.

Mind you, we aren't complaining. We'll follow those trail-glazing donut devotees wherever they may lead, so long as it's someplace with an exceptional lineup of the goods: cake, raised, filled, and iced. And soon enthusiasts will shepherd locals on a journey just like that -- a quick tour of a few of the finest donuts in the Twin Cities.

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What Happens When Musicians Try to Cook? The Halfway Cooks Show [VIDEO]

Youa Vang
The Halfway Cooks Crew

In the back room of Spyhouse coffee shop in Uptown, the group of friends who make up the Halfway Cooks cooking show gather around a table, most likely annoying any patrons looking for a quiet study spot. Project manager Darien Washington shares a story of how he once got a parking ticket from an attendant.

"That's why I removed my windshield wipers," says videographer Jake Astle. "That way they can't give me a ticket."

At this table, it's best to put on your listening ears and let the crew talk. Each member is a character, and each is trying to outdo the others in jokes. Much of that humor comes through in the group's work. Their first video features hip-hop artists Toki Wright and Big Cats cooking up some "Pad Thai Rad Thai" and sharing the stories behind their music.

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