Forget Pub Crawls: The Twin Cities Donut Crawl Is Here

On November 8, donut fiends will crawl through the streets, leaving a trail of sugary glaze behind them.

If there's one thing we can say about donut fans, it's that they're diehard. Something in those rings of deep-fried dough inspires a fiercely obsessive hunger that somehow makes triple the daily sugar allowance totally acceptable as breakfast.

Mind you, we aren't complaining. We'll follow those trail-glazing donut devotees wherever they may lead, so long as it's someplace with an exceptional lineup of the goods: cake, raised, filled, and iced. And soon enthusiasts will shepherd locals on a journey just like that -- a quick tour of a few of the finest donuts in the Twin Cities.

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What Happens When Musicians Try to Cook? The Halfway Cooks Show [VIDEO]

Youa Vang
The Halfway Cooks Crew

In the back room of Spyhouse coffee shop in Uptown, the group of friends who make up the Halfway Cooks cooking show gather around a table, most likely annoying any patrons looking for a quiet study spot. Project manager Darien Washington shares a story of how he once got a parking ticket from an attendant.

"That's why I removed my windshield wipers," says videographer Jake Astle. "That way they can't give me a ticket."

At this table, it's best to put on your listening ears and let the crew talk. Each member is a character, and each is trying to outdo the others in jokes. Much of that humor comes through in the group's work. Their first video features hip-hop artists Toki Wright and Big Cats cooking up some "Pad Thai Rad Thai" and sharing the stories behind their music.

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A Memphis Native Reviews the Memphis Menu at Tiny Diner

Hannah Sayle

Look, Memphis isn't an "it" city. Its population is declining, it's been ranked one of the poorest cities in the United States, and outside of the South, people routinely pass over it for its rival to the east, Nashville, or Nashvegas, or whatever nickname hipsters trot out as they unpack their stupid acoustic guitars and try on their first stupid pair of cowboy boots.

But Memphis has it together when it comes to a few things -- our music (Sun Studio, Stax, Graceland), our food (barbecue, fried chicken, barbecue) -- and so when Tiny Diner announced its rotating menu would feature some Memphis-inspired dishes, this particular Memphian-cum-Minneapolitan got a little giddy. As an old friend used to say, "It was on like a pot of neck bones."

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Weekend Pop-Up to Try: Black Walnut Bakery at One on One

Hannah Sayle
Espresso shortbread

We've been waxing poetic about Sarah Botcher's pastries since she first started Black Walnut Bakery in 2013. After a brief hiatus earlier this year, Botcher is back with a pop-up bakery at One on One bike and coffee shop, and if you know what's good for your pastry-loving, bread-fiending palate, you'll head to the North Loop to snag some of Botcher's baked goods tomorrow.

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Local Entrepreneurs Launch HoodStarter, a New Crowdfunding Website

Categories: Stuff We Like

HoodStarter founders David Berglund and Justin Ley
HoodStarter, founded by Twin Cities-based entrepreneurs Justin Ley and David Bergland, is the newest addition to the world of online crowdfunding. Whether your neighborhood needs a new business or your new business needs a neighborhood, this Kickstarter-inspired website is here to help.

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A roundup of the best Twin Cities CSAs

Categories: Stuff We Like

Hannah Sayle
It's CSA season...

CSA season is on our doorstep and it's time to choose the right share plan. Don't know where to turn for help? Not sure what farm might be a good fit for your needs? Don't even know what CSA stands for? Then keep on reading -- you might learn a thing or two!

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WholeMe: a new grain-free, gluten-free, and seriously full of flavor line of snacks

Photo courtesy WholeMe
For your breakfast consideration
Do you ever find yourself over-thinking breakfast, desperately seeking the healthiest option and instead landing in food paralysis? Half an hour later you find yourself bleary eyed with a discarded wrapper from a less-than-healthy choice crumpled like so much willpower beside your listless arm.

Bread is bad, meat is murder, are we drinking dairy this week? It's no wonder that we so often end up hitting the McMuffins with a vengeance reserved for someone who owes us money. Luckily, there's a new product in town, the brain child of a lauded local pastry chef and the assistant dean at the University of Minnesota.

We were skeptical of the wholesome, delicious claims, until we opened the bag of WholeMe cereal. Now, we're logging onto their Kickstarter and manically hitting "refresh." 

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Zen Box Izakaya brings worldly inspiration to ramen

John Ng
Special ramen
The Ramen Attacks lines were epic. By some accounts, people waited, with varying degrees of patience, for over four hours to get a bowl of those coveted noodles.

At Zen Box Izakaya the winter wait time has been reduced drastically. Chef and owner John Ng just returned from a culinary tour of Japan along with his wife and front-of-house manager, Lina Goh. The two were inspired by all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, and this weekend, Ng will share some of those flavors with ramen fans at his restaurant.

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Meet the Wisconsin micro-distillery Minnesota distillers cite as their inspiration

Categories: Stuff We Like
courtesy 45th Parallel
45th Parallel's Border Bourbon
Paul Werni has learned how to spot them: the people who come to him with the dream of opening up a micro-distillery of their own.

On tours, they're the ones who ask a lot of questions. After the tour is over, they approach Werni and ask even more.

"I had a gentleman come out here this week from the Twin Cities," Werni says. "And I get calls almost every week now."

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Froz Broz ice cream to hold its first pint sale

Thumbnail image for Froz_Broz_ice_cream.JPG
Joy Summers
Froz Broz ice cream finally for sale

Minneapolis craft ice cream Froz Broz has garnered a solid fan base in the last few years -- even though previously the only way to get your mitts on some was to win one of the two precious pints they give away each week.

But starting next week there are easier ways to attain these frozen, gourmet delights. If you've got a letch for flavors like charred vanilla, rosemary lemon, or fennel pollen, you can head down to the commercial kitchen space at City Food Studio on Saturday, January 18 for the first Froz Broz pint sale.

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