Indulge or Destroy Your Comfort Zone at Fuji Ya's Happy Hour

Jerard Fagerberg
Fuji Ya's happy hour will both appease provoke you.

When it comes to the wallet and the palate, happy hour is all about comfort.

Uptown/Lyn-Lake's Fuji Ya respects that maxim, but the secondhand-swank sashimi joint isn't afraid to mix tartare and ponzu into your regularly scheduled post-work indulgences. The traditional Japanese nosh spot hosts one of the Twin Cities' most eclectic happy hours, full of basic sushi starter kits and brave tangents into Asian cuisine -- both of which are plated with a careful artistry that'd make cheese plates and waffle fries tremble with inferiority.

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How to Live a More Examined Life: Eating Crab Legs in a Minnesota Dive Bar

Gaal Levine
Fortune does not always favor the bold.

Cuzzy's Grill & Bar is a great place to get poisonously drunk.

It's darkly lit, and the furniture has a distinct "purchased at an office closing we found on Craigslist" feel. The walls are lined with dingy, marked-up dollar bills, and I half expect to see Charles Bukowski in the back corner misogynizing his waitress. There's not a drop of sea spray within a thousand miles.

Not the kind of place you wanna get fruits de mer.

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The Grumpy Hour: Happy Hour at Grumpy's Keeps it Simple, Keeps Us Drinking

Sean McPherson
A nice pour of Redbreast on the rocks

Some happy hours make it seem like an obstacle course just to enjoy a bit of booze on the cheap. Certain specials only last half an hour, you have to sit in a particular part of the bar, just show your stub from a sporting event, et cetera. Leave us alone, okay? Don't confuse us when we're drinking.

We're thankful for the bars that hold steady. And if Grumpy's Downtown does one thing right, it's holding steady. These well-timed happy hours will help you stack punk rock cred while sipping on whiskey that your most mustachioed, lumberjack-looking, cocktail mixologist would agree is top-notch.

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A Strip Mall Happy Hour Worth Your Time at Lyn 65: Burgers, Boozy Punch, Beer-and-a-Shot

Marsha Trainer
The light at the end of this strip mall means great cocktails...

Crossing over from Minneapolis into Richfield used to mean that your eating and grocery choices dipped severely in quality in a matter of blocks. Not so anymore. The Lyndale corridor just south of the city is changing the first-ring suburb's food culture with the new co-op and our happy hour pick, Alma-alum Ben Rients's Lyn 65.

It might seem odd to find tasty fare at the edge of a strip mall, and even weirder to find a fine cocktail program, but it's here. And to sweeten the deal, they've got a decent happy hour and a few extra drink deals late at night.

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The EagleBolt Bar's 3-for-1s: Come for a Drink, Stay for Two More, Use a British Accent

Sean McPherson
The Start of a 3-for-1s at the EagleBolt Bar

You aren't really a Minneapolitan until you've done 3-for-1 Fridays at the EagleBolt Bar.

A Minneapolis institution, the EagleBolt is proudly "Gay Owned and Operated for 16 Years." The main floor bar, known as the Eagle, has always been hospitable and down to earth and doesn't carry the "it's always 4 a.m. at a badly attended but overstaffed rave" vibe that some gay bars in town seem to specialize in. Instead, the EagleBolt Bar feels like the kind of place that would have one of the most kick-ass happy hours in all of existence. And indeed it does.

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Happy Hour at Kyatchi: Japanese Small Plates and $5 Sake in Kingfield

Tammy Kimbler
Nigori Sake and the tap beer selection at Kyatchi

Kyatchi is a fun little joint with particularly good food for happy hour. Warm, welcoming, with a little Japanese kitsch, plus tasty organic and sustainable small plates and drinks, this happy hour encourages you to linger, eat, and drink sake. And they have double happy hours daily, including weekends.

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Looking for a Happy Hour in Powderhorn? Everything's $4 at Tiny Diner's Happy Hours

Marsha Trainer
Tiny Diner now has two happy hours a day Monday through Friday

Tiny Diner is all about doing and feeling good, what with its glistening blue solar array, locavore ethos, and tasty food and drink offerings. The place has woken up a stretch of 38th Street in the Powderhorn neighborhood whose previous claim to food fame was a Dairy Queen. So when they announced the addition of a late-night happy hour, Hot Dish decided it was time to check it out.

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Small Plates and Half-Price Bottles of the Good Stuff During Kings Wine Bar's Happy Hour

A troika of Sauvignon Blancs at the bar

Everyone in Kingfield already knows how fab Kings Wine Bar is. If you sit at a table outside or inside, or belly up to the bar, you'll see three distinct seatings happen each evening -- and a whole lot of smiling eaters and drinkers, whether it's 5:30 p.m. or midnight. But what about happy hour? Is it worth it to make your way down to 46th and Grand?

Nah, don't bother, unless you like small plates and drinking tasty wines on the cheap...

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Enjoy the view and the rice balls at Louis Ristorante's happy hour

Marsha Trainer
A range of happy hour dining options

If you ever worry that you're missing out on the charms of downtown St. Paul, we're here to help. Let us remind you of things like the roof deck at Louis Ristorante, an amazing spot where you can admire both the Cathedral of St. Paul and the rice balls and still get a deal on your drink.

During these fleeting days of summer, don't you deserve a happy hour that gives you a buzz with a view?

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World Street Kitchen's daily happy hour means two beers and guac for under $10

Marsha Trainer
A beacon of cheap happy hour snacks and drafts in Lyn-Lake

It's great to sit out on the big picnic tables in front of World Street Kitchen and watch the cars whiz by on Lyndale Avenue. Why? Because there's tons of tasty grub a mere counter away and you know it's much wiser to stay put at Sameh Wadi's casual eatery than to speed off somewhere.

And with happy hour happening twice a day, there's even more reason to hit up WSK this summer.

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