Forget Pub Crawls: The Twin Cities Donut Crawl Is Here

On November 8, donut fiends will crawl through the streets, leaving a trail of sugary glaze behind them.

If there's one thing we can say about donut fans, it's that they're diehard. Something in those rings of deep-fried dough inspires a fiercely obsessive hunger that somehow makes triple the daily sugar allowance totally acceptable as breakfast.

Mind you, we aren't complaining. We'll follow those trail-glazing donut devotees wherever they may lead, so long as it's someplace with an exceptional lineup of the goods: cake, raised, filled, and iced. And soon enthusiasts will shepherd locals on a journey just like that -- a quick tour of a few of the finest donuts in the Twin Cities.

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5 Most Over-the-Top Desserts in the Twin Cities

Benjamin Carter Grimes
A spread of decadent desserts at Chez Arnaud
In the past few years, the trend in desserts and patisserie has been all about going small.

Terzo has a plate of miniature Italian cookies and espresso. Travail does an impressive sampler of its best little bites. Burch offers tiny treats for just 25 cents. When diners said they wanted "a little something sweet" at the end of their meal, restaurants really listened. But there are always a few rebels to buck the trend, producing massive, for-the-table desserts that keep us all sugar shocked. They delight in their own decadence and take pride in their astronomic calorie counts.

Here are our top five over-the-top Twin Cities desserts. Share them or don't, but just know that it's medically advisable to split them with the rest of the table.

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Bars Bakery to open a second location

Michelle Leon
Working in downtown St. Paul just got a little bit sweeter.

Bars Bakery co-owners Kara Younkin Viswanathan and her mother Sandi Younkin, who was the original founder and previous owner of Swede Hollow Cafe, have announced that they are expanding their operation. The pair have their sights set on a skyway space in the Alliance Bank Building in downtown St. Paul and have already signed a lease, but they still need a little seed money to make their mark and add some finishing touches before they open.

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Honey and Rye Bakehouse hosts grand opening tomorrow [VIDEO]

Alma Guzman
Baker Anne Andrus's signature monkey bread
With their venture quickly gaining a reputation as a new neighborhood gem, Honey and Rye Bakehouse co-owners Emily Ackerman and Anne Andrus have plenty to celebrate. They're throwing a little party tomorrow to do just that.

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5 ways to celebrate National Gingerbread Day

Carrie Stephens

There seems to be some confusion over when National Gingerbread Day actually takes place -- today, November 21 or in the summer, on June 5. Some gingerbread-loving fools say the holiday is observed twice a year, on both days. Since we think of gingerbread as a late fall and winter treat, we've elected to celebrate National Gingerbread Day today.

Today's national holiday may be inspired by a childhood Christmastime favorite, but this treat goes well beyond the houses haphazardly stuck together by gobs of frosting and decked with rows of gumdrops.

Here are five ways to celebrate National Gingerbread Day -- only a couple of which involve tiny domiciles.

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Sweet Science's cocktail-inspired ice creams

Benjamin Carter Grimes
Sweet Science's owner Ashlee Olds
She's taken on green tea blends, vegan roasted banana sherbet, and gluten-free streusel, but Ashlee Olds, owner of Sweet Science Ice Cream, is pushing the flavor envelope once again with a line of cocktail-inspired ice creams.

Olds is teaming up with Easy and Oskey, a local maker of small-batch bitters, to create the flavors. 

"I'm very excited about this new flavor -- the first in the series -- an Old Fashioned. It's basically the drink in a pint of ice cream," says Olds. "We had our first flavor development session last week and this one is really blowing me away."

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St. Croix Chocolate Co. hosts Caramelpalooza

Courtesy St. Croix Chocolate Co.
Chocolate caramels with sea salt from St. Croix Chocolate
Whether you refer to it as "carmel" or "caramel," fans of the the buttery stuff will be happy to find it flowing freely in its many glorious forms this Saturday when St. Croix Chocolate Co. hosts its 4th annual Caramelpalooza

Hold on to your fillings, folks. This one might get a little sticky. 

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Top 10 donuts in the Twin Cities

The rest of America may run on Dunkin', but we like our donuts local
For those of you who were in valiant pursuit of a better beach body this year, you're officially out of the woods with this most recent cold snap; for those of you who weren't, as you were. The season of indulgence kicks off somewhere right around now, and when it comes to treats, nothing satisfies quite like a donut: part cake, part fry, part pure, unadulterated sugar. You take it easy. We've taken the work out of scouting the best shops around town for your glazed, filled, or frosted needs -- from the classic to the experimental. Sit back and sink your teeth into our roundup of the Twin Cities' 10 best donuts.

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Beez Kneez Honey hosts open house event tonight

To promote their official grand opening on August 26, the Beez Kneez Honey House, the Twin Cities first urban community honey house, is hosting a preview event tonight from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at their headquarters in Longfellow. The family-friendly evening includes refreshments from Verdant Tea House, turns on the Beez Kneez very own bicycle-powered honey extracting machine, and a sneak peek at what keeps the whole operation humming.

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Insomnia Cookies delivering late night sweets in Dinkytown

Late night cookies for those late breaks
For a city of such a substantial size with a thriving restaurant scene, our food delivery options always seemed to be a bit lacking. Though services like Bite Squad, Grub Hub, and Rock-It Bike Delivery have made it possible to get sushi, satay, and sopes right at your door (with minimums and extra delivery fees), they still haven't managed to improve the food-after-midnight situation. Well, if you live in Dinkytown, and you're often hungry in the wee hours (the two usually go hand in hand), a new NYC-based company called Insomnia Cookies is offering one sweet solution to that problem.

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