10 Best Burgers and Beers for Brunch

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E. Katie Holm
Red Cow, dedicated to fine burgers (and beer), is a good place to start the day.

Social norms be damned. With life as short as they say it is, screw having dessert first. Have a burger and a beer, and have it for breakfast because dinner is not guaranteed.

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10 Food Trends We Hope Will Retire in 2015

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Alma Guzman
Charcuterie board, you've begun to stink like house guests who've oustayed their welcome. Move over for something meatier.

Some of these are sitting ducks and others the restaurant world will resent us for not "getting," but we're sticking to these quibbles, these thorns in our hungry guts. We're looking forward to a year when these trends go away and make room for the freshness of the new.

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10 Best Places to Take Out-of-Towners in the Winter

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Bre McGee
It's warm inside Mickey's when it's cold outside.

If you've got visitors with the stones to come to town during our infamous cold weather months, you'd best reward them properly, proving that just because we live here all year long, it don't mean we're nuts. We've got culture enough to keep us anchored, charms enough to hook those with the right constitution.

Here are 10 places to dazzle out-of-towners, even when it's cold outside.

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10 Most Entertaining Meals in the Twin Cities

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Ben Lansky
Go to Icehouse, have dinner and watch a show.

Because you've exhausted all 346 conversation topics with your spouse including the one about the kitty-cat hairballs. You can't face another drinking session with no company but your Kindle. You've been tasked to plan a night out with your mother-in-law who makes Bunny MacDougal look like a liberal and "awkward" doesn't begin to describe it.

There are plenty of reasons to take dining out of a regular old dining room and into the realm of entertainment. It doesn't really matter how big a foodie you fancy yourself, staring down into a plate of food, even with company you like, well, sometimes it's boring.

It is! Admit it. Sometimes.

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10 Restaurants That Bit the Dust in 2014

Social House
We guess a bacon cheeseburger eggroll isn't enough to bank on.

Some we will miss and to others we flip a collective bird. But to all we say: Good on you for giving it a go. Out with the old, in with the new, and here's to an even more delicious 2015.

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The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2014

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It was a banner year for new restaurants in the Twin Cities. Kickstarters were launched (and fulfilled); food trucks ditched the wheels and put down roots; hometown-boys-made-good returned; and a local bad boy asked for a second chance.

We had several places reopen as revamped, reimagined versions of their former selves, and a few of those have made our list. But there were also totally fresh concepts, a bit of new flavor infused into our rapidly expanding dining scene here in the Twin Cities. Read on for our favorite additions to the restaurant roster and check them off your list as you sup, brunch, sip, and lunch at the best new spots of 2014.

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10 Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Escape Your Family on Christmas

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Denis Plaster
If Norman Rockwellesque your family ain't, party like a rock star with your friends instead this holiday season.

If yours is the sort of family that celebrates the holidays with your warm, fuzzy-sweatered grandma icing cookies with the children, just after they've taken a bath and been swaddled in their candy-cane onesies, then congratulations.

Others of us may wind up spending at least part of our holidays with our chosen families, our "logical" families, those people who want to be with us not in spite of, but because of our flaws, foibles, and special quirks.

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The 10 Best Do-Gooder Holiday Activities for Food Lovers

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Vincent a Restaurant
Chef Vincent Francoual is making it easy to do good this year.

Food-loving compatriots: We must face the fact that we can be a gluttonous bunch. We love to have all of the things to ourselves -- fried egg sandwiches, foie gras torchon, chocolate bars, and kimchee potato chips.

But this time of year (as at all times of year) we need to remind ourselves how many Minnesotans are food insecure or otherwise less fortunate. Here's a bunch of food-centric stuff you can do to make someone else's holiday season a bit brighter.

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10 Best Local Cookbooks and Food Guides

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Tammy Kimbler
Stacks on stacks on stacks.

This holiday season we've compiled our picks for the 10 best food guides and cookbooks, all written by local Minnesota authors in the last year. From cookbooks on indigenous foods, squash, cake, and gluten-free breads, to recipes from Twin Cities chefs, to guides on cooking from farmers markets, mushroom hunting, growing micro greens, and dehydrating -- you've got plenty of options for the local food lover on your list.

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10 Twin Cities Apple Dishes and Drinks to Try Right Now

Stacy Spensley

Good food is all about the present. Spend all your time geeking out about the MN55, the lovechild of a Honeycrisp and a MonArk and the next big thing coming from the poindexters at the University of Minnesota apple research lab, and you'll miss the seasonal flavors sweetening up menus across the Twin Cities right this very minute.

We've got a list of 10 nibbles and tipples to get you started on this quest for that teacher's-favorite, doctor's-worst-nightmare, doesn't-fall-far-from-the-tree kind of autumnal fruit that makes Minnesotans go wild.

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