The 10 Best Do-Gooder Holiday Activities for Food Lovers

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Vincent a Restaurant
Chef Vincent Francoual is making it easy to do good this year.

Food-loving compatriots: We must face the fact that we can be a gluttonous bunch. We love to have all of the things to ourselves -- fried egg sandwiches, foie gras torchon, chocolate bars, and kimchee potato chips.

But this time of year (as at all times of year) we need to remind ourselves how many Minnesotans are food insecure or otherwise less fortunate. Here's a bunch of food-centric stuff you can do to make someone else's holiday season a bit brighter.

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10 Best Local Cookbooks and Food Guides

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Tammy Kimbler
Stacks on stacks on stacks.

This holiday season we've compiled our picks for the 10 best food guides and cookbooks, all written by local Minnesota authors in the last year. From cookbooks on indigenous foods, squash, cake, and gluten-free breads, to recipes from Twin Cities chefs, to guides on cooking from farmers markets, mushroom hunting, growing micro greens, and dehydrating -- you've got plenty of options for the local food lover on your list.

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10 Twin Cities Apple Dishes and Drinks to Try Right Now

Stacy Spensley

Good food is all about the present. Spend all your time geeking out about the MN55, the lovechild of a Honeycrisp and a MonArk and the next big thing coming from the poindexters at the University of Minnesota apple research lab, and you'll miss the seasonal flavors sweetening up menus across the Twin Cities right this very minute.

We've got a list of 10 nibbles and tipples to get you started on this quest for that teacher's-favorite, doctor's-worst-nightmare, doesn't-fall-far-from-the-tree kind of autumnal fruit that makes Minnesotans go wild.

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The 10 Most Underrated Restaurants in the Twin Cities

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Keane Amdahl
Pork belly sliders at Eli's East.

People love lauding the latest thing, but what of the tried-and-true classics that stand the test of time? 

These 10 restaurants are the old guard of the Twin Cities. They're not the trendiest or most modern places to grab a bite, but they deliver solid -- if not spectacular -- meals time and again.

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10 best vegan/vegetarian foods at the Minnesota State Fair

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Minnesota State Fair

Let's face it: Food is the number-one reason we attend the Minnesota State Fair. Food on a stick, deep-fried bites, giant legs and chops of meat, gallons of dairy, buckets of sweet confections -- we love it all. But what about the vegetables? Where are the fruits, beans, whole grains? Isn't bountiful agricultural production what the fair is supposed to be all about? To answer that question, we posed ourselves a challenge: Could we eat vegan at the Minnesota State Fair for one day and still love it?

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Top 10 reasons your bartender hates you

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Photo by dOOMZ via Flickr
A guy walks into a bar. He snaps his fingers at the bartender to get her attention. It's futile. He waves money in her face. Desperate, he calls from across the room, "Hey, sweetheart, surprise me with something." She brings him a High Life.

"That's not what I wanted," he huffs. "How 'bout you give me this one for free and we'll call it even?"

He gets up from his bar stool after chugging his beer, leaving behind a pile of torn-up napkins, olive pits from the "snacks" he stole from the garnish tray, and a handful of pennies.

This is no joke. This, my friends, is your bartender's worst nightmare.

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9 Twin Cities restaurants doing 2014 food trends the right way

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Vincent Marcinelli
Locavore fare at Birchwood

In spite of its fly-over country locale, the Twin Cities does a great job at keeping up with top food trends around the world.

From Uptown to the suburbs, it's not hard to find a restaurant experimenting with different spices, culinary combinations, and cultural cuisines. With Forbes' list of what to look out for in 2014, we've compiled our own list of local restaurants that have nailed this whole "trends" thing.

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10 best oddball ice cream flavors in the Twin Cities

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Emily Eveland
An elderly man is sitting with his granddaughters at Scoops Ice Cream & More in Bloomington, Minnesota.

"When I was your age, we only had two ice cream flavors -- chocolate and vanilla," he begins. His granddaughters remain focused on their complex ice cream concoctions, clearly unfazed by another of their grandfather's "back in the day" stories.

"But I always got strawberry!" he finishes, chuckling to himself as his granddaughters halfway attempt to decipher his punchline, but stay focused on their cones.

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10 best dinner parties in the Twin Cities

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Twin Cities Pop-Up Dinners

Although it may seem as if the entire country is spending its free time making artisan jam and looking for ways to incorporate bacon into every recipe, there are still those of us who'd rather leave the cooking to someone else -- especially when it comes to a dinner party. Even if you're overcome by a feeling of dread at the thought of making skirt steak for eight, you can still be the host with the most if you get inventive with your dinner party ideas. So put down the fondue pot and explore 10 options in the Twin Cities that will have you doing what you do best: enjoying food and drink with friends (or strangers!) without all the fuss.

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The 10 best breakfasts in the Twin Cities suburbs

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Courtesy of 3 Squares' Facebook
Chicken and waffles from 3 Squares
A few weeks ago, we highlighted the hashiest hash browns and bonniest Benedicts in St. Paul. Then we explored every syrup-soaked nook and cranny of the best pancakes and waffles in Minneapolis. But all you real-life Ron Swansons and Leslie Knopes weren't satisfied. You wanted the lowdown on even more spots serving solid daily breakfast, specifically ones that required us to get on the cloverleaf highways. So for this go-around we're counting down the 10 best breakfasts in the Twin Cities suburbs.

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