The 5 best fish and chicken houses in the Twin Cities

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Sean McPherson
A plate of to-go catfish and tilapia from the Hook

The pro always orders it to-go, but when at most fish and chicken spots in the Twin Cities, your meal is coming in a styrofoam-container-plastic-bag-combo no matter where you plan on eating it. The pro also orders the meal with a fruit punch, pushes for as much hot sauce, ketchup, and tartar sauce as the guy manning the counter will part with, and double checks to make sure everything looks right. You've got a lot to learn to be a fish and chicken house pro, but you'll want to start here: with our list of the five best fish and chicken houses in the Twin Cities.

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The 5 best places to eat after the All-Star Game

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Hungry after the All-Star game? We've got you covered.
After months of anticipation, the day of the MLB's All Star Game has finally arrived. Whether you're lucky enough to have tickets, or you're just hanging out in downtown Minneapolis to enjoy the spectacle, odds are that at some point you're going to need some food. While some 30-odd bars have been given permission to stay open late (until 4 a.m.) to accommodate a host of celebratory out-of-towners, there are a lot of other good dining options to consider.

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General Mills introduces 150 new products, hops on the gluten-free bandwagon

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General Mills
Earlier this week, Minnesota-based General Mills announced a lineup of 150 new products of the gluten-free and protein-heavy variety.

With items like their LÄRABAR Renola -- the first grain-free granola in the national market -- and Chex gluten-free oatmeal, the company has officially jumped on the gluten-intolerant bandwagon. But is this just a soon-to-be-over fad? Are these niche products already passé?

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The 5 most grotesque eating challenges to boost your patriotic spirit

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In just a few short hours, everyone and their mom will be sporting their finest Old Navy American flag t-shirt and taking pictures of fireworks that they will never look at again. Independence Day has arrived.

While everyone has his or her own way of celebrating the Fourth of July, the one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that there is nothing more patriotic than competitive eating.

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Our 5 favorite flavors from last night's Sweet Science ice cream tasting

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Emily Eveland
Hungry customers are eager to sample each of Sweet Science's 15 flavors.

Verdant Tea isn't known as an ice cream shop, but they've been hawking Minneapolis's best ice cream, Sweet Science, for the better part of a year. Though customers can stop in any day of the week to pick up a pint of Ashlee Olds' delectable, creamy treats, Sweet Science holds a free tasting event once a month, where their entire lineup is available to sample.

Sweet Science rotates 15 to 20 flavors at a time, mixing a handful of mainstays with seasonal favorites. Their pairings are unexpected, and frequently combine sweet and savory components that result in a more refined treat than guilty indulgence. We headed to a tasting at Verdant Tea on a warm Thursday evening and found five flavors that stood head and shoulders above the rest (though you can't go wrong with even their most basic vanilla).

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The 5 best brunches with activities in the Twin Cities

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Basheer Tome
Brunch, once the bastard child of breakfast and lunch, is officially a meal in its own right. In fact, it's more than a meal; it's an event. So what does this minx-y blend of eggs Benedict and waffle fries have to offer us besides booze and an opportunity to rehash last night's mistakes? What else can we get to go along with our walk-of-shame meal?

Activities. Here are our favorite brunch time distractions, those little diversions that break up our near pathological checking of Facebook-Twitter-Instagram, all while filling us up with tasty eats and frosty drinks.

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5 best breakfast spots in St. Paul

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Want to start your day the St. Paul way?
If you roll out of bed in the Saintly City, you'll find several spots to tickle your tastebuds first thing in the morning. Sampling our way from biscuits covered in milk gravy to crispy cured bacon, we've scoured St. Paul and rounded up the very best places to go for breakfast.

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Top 5 spicy bar bites in St. Paul

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Photo courtesy St. Paul Winter Carnival
Red hot and ready to party
As much as we're supposed to cheer for Boreas, King of the Winds, at the climax of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, it's hard not to want to hang with the Vulcan Krewe. Their mischief, roaring fires, shenanigans, and predilection for drinking seem more our speed. Also, they're trying to kill winter, and who wouldn't like to see that happen at this point?

As you're getting out to enjoy the snow sculptures, ice carvings, and other events, we've rounded up our Top 5 spicy bar bites to warm you from the inside out.

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Hangover banishment: Our picks for the best New Year's Day brunch

Dinner Series
After all those New Year's Eve toasts, you're gonna need a good breakfast.
The epic nature of your hangover can only be expressed in an obscure Ukrainian dialect. Mistakes were made. The only way to battle this unjust punishment dealt by our favorite frienemy is to get some breakfast in that belly, stat. We've rounded up the five best places to ease the pain of that brown bottle flu.

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Top 5 chicken and waffles in the Twin Cities

Alma Guzman
Gluten-free chicken and waffles from Bluestem Bar & Table
Just a few weeks back, we published a list that named "haute" chicken and waffles as one of the 13 most overcooked food trends of 2013. To clarify (and to pre-emptively combat any cries of hypocrisy that this Top 5 might provoke), that food trends list was compiled by writers from our team as well as our sister papers like L.A. Weekly, Riverfront Times (though that particular writer is a CP alum), and the Dallas Observer, which might help explain why ramen burgers and cronuts, two items that barely made an impact on our local scene, were included in the article.

So while some feel there's an oversaturation of this particular dish in the rest of the country, and maybe even here in the Twin Cities too, we just can't help but be attracted to the sweet and savory flavor combination and textural contrast between crispy chicken and soft, springy waffles. Here are our Top 5 favorite takes on this soul food classic, from the straightforward to the sinful to the truly sublime. 

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