Old Familiar Chime Gathers Giants of Experimental Solo Guitar

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Jesse Sheppard
Glenn Jones will perform at Old Familiar Chime
Old Familiar Chime | Turf Club | Friday, September 19

It seemed like the time was right to do something," says Old Familiar Chime festival organizer Chris Berry. "There are so many people out there and another resurgence going on now." Five years after the death of the mercurial Jack Rose, the man who helped lead a revival of the hypnotic, experimental branch of folk fingerpicking in the early 2000s, a host of players both old and young continue flying the flag first waved by John Fahey.

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The Time King Khan Shotgunned Beers at Eat Street Social

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Miron Zownir

King Khan & BBQ Show | First Avenue | Wednesday, September 17
While Arish "King" Khan is probably best known in the Midwest for his barnstorming soul-punk band King Khan & the Shrines, he's enjoyed a fruitful 20-year partnership with fellow Quebecois-turned-Berliner Marc Sultan, a.k.a. BBQ, dating back to their days in the Montreal psycho-delic garage-rock band Spaceshits. Originally an outlet mostly featuring Sultan's ragged but sweet doo-wop songwriting with an amphetamine-addled Link Wray kick, the duo has grown into a powerhouse draw thanks to age-honed chemistry and a knack for outrageous outfits and behavior.

After releasing three albums under their current moniker, and a brief hiatus, Khan and Sultan have decided to reunite and release a new album as Bad News Boys, ringing in the switch with their old pals in Black Lips. We talked to Khan to discuss the new tracks and find out more info about their upcoming "eat and greet" event at Eat Street Social on Thursday, the day after their show at First Avenue.

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Ed Sheeran at Target Center, 9/15/14

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Photo by Youa Vang

Ed Sheeran
with Rudimental
Target Center, Minneapolis
Monday, September 15, 2014

Justin Bieber has his "Beliebers," One Direction have "1Dfamily," and Ed Sheeran has his "Sheerios." To a crowd mostly of Sheerios out too late on a school night, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his "aw-shucks" personality took a walk onto the stage with just his acoustic guitar.

Let me explain: When you are a teenager, you are trying to figure out who you are. Ed's music, angsty songs about breakups and love songs, can fill a bedroom on a late night. Since he is a singer-songwriter who backs it up with an amazing voice, loops that can help fill the room, and an ability to beat-box at a rapid pace, the music has more of an edge than a lot of other options in the pop world.

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Casting Martin Scorsese's New Ramones Movie

Categories: Film
Goodfellas: Ramones get the Scorsese treatment

Recently, word got out that an upcoming Ramones biopic would be helmed by one of America's greatest living filmmakers, Martin Scorsese. The movie would be one of several band-related projects slated for 2016, the 40th anniversary of the bruddas' debut album, Ramones.

Scorsese isn't that odd a choice to direct a film about the groundbreaking punk band. He's a New Yorker who loves music, and directed The Last Waltz and Shine a Light. He also knows what to do with a good story. Like The Wolf of Wall Street or Raging Bull, the tale of the Ramones is a fascinating one, filled with underdogs, victors, losers, users, lovers, betrayers, and a litany of insecure gods.

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Lady Casa: Queen of the Ravers

Categories: EDM
Danh Le

Lady Casa is perhaps the country's most famous raver, and something like a cult leader to her tens of thousands of fans. When the Miami native makes a pilgrimage to L.A. and hosts an event on Venice Beach the day after seeing DJ Armin van Buuren, it quickly turns into a mob scene.

Not far from the guy who walks on glass and an Italian tour group, hundreds of ravers wait for hours in a snaking line to get Lady Casa's autograph, hear her wisdom and, most importantly, hug her. The event is billed as her 26th birthday party, as well as a benefit for local animal shelters.

"I'm so nervous right now!" says an awkward 20-something when he finally reaches the front. "You're awesome," she responds, writing a personalized note for him on a decal. She ends it, "Namaste, Lady Casa."

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Tobacco: If too many people like what I do, I'm doing something wrong

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Courtesy of the Artist
Thomas Fec aka Tobacco

Tobacco | Triple Rock Social Club | Tuesday, September 16
In 2008, Thomas Fec released Fucked Up Friends, his first full-length record under the name Tobacco. The album received critical acclaim, and marked a departure from Fec's work as the frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow. While Black Moth managed to maintain somewhat of a pop sensibility, Tobacco utilized the same analog instrumentation to create a more abrasive, less accessible sound.

This May, Fec released Tobacco's Ultima II Massage, an album three years in the making. Ultima is a barrage of heavy electronics, an attempt by Fec to "make something that was kind of hard to listen to," he tells Gimme Noise. A music video for "Streaker" directed by the notorious Eric Wareheim was put on YouTube, its violent and sexual imagery making a bold statement along with the innovative sound of the song itself and causing quite a stir in the electronic music community. Tonight, Tobacco will bring his special brand of analog chaos to the Triple Rock. Fec granted us a rare interview about Ultima and what motivates him to slip into the character of Tobacco.

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Die Antwoord at Myth, 9/14/14

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Photo by Tony Nelson

Die Antwoord
Myth, St. Paul
Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Yo, Minn-a-sota -- be happy," Yolandi said in her send-off to the packed club, "Bye Bye!" It was hard to believe it was over. Die Antwoord's show was short -- not long over an hour -- but it felt much faster than that. It wasn't for lack of material: The South African rap-ravers from Cape Town ran a tight set, sampling material from each of their studio albums. Instead, Ninja and Yolandi managed to speed up the passage of time with an all-out sensory assault.

There were barrages of strobe, legitimately freaky visuals, and more costume changes than I've ever seen outside of a stadium show. But though the spectacle colored the night, the most captivating elements came from the voices and bodies of the MCs themselves. The dynamic duo put a truly theatrical performance that buzzed with energy.

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Amphetamine Reptile Records Documentary Hitting Theaters

AmRep founder Tom Hazelmyer and director Eric Robel

The local and international footprint of Amphetamine Reptile Records is undeniable. After fostering a progressive, hardcore sound in the '80s and '90s that left hair metal in the dust, the label has delivered one-of-a-kind vinyl pressings and limited-edition releases in the modern era. Through it all, AmRep has boldly stood apart from most conventional record labels under the guidance of founder Tom Hazelmyer.

Now a younger generation of fans will get to witness what all the fuss was about, as a new documentary on Hazelmyer (HAZE XXL) and AmRep, The Color of Noise, is set to hit theaters across the country, including a screening at the Riverview Theater here in Minneapolis.

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The Fucking Best Show Ever with P.O.S., 9/13/14

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
The Fucking Best Show Ever
with P.O.S., SZA, Le1f, Polica, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Allan Kingdom, Zuluzuluu, DJ TIIIIIIIIIIP, Lazerbeak, and Dam-Funk
Fine Line Parking Lot, Minneapolis
Saturday, September 13, 2014

"In my opinion, this actually was the fucking best show ever," P.O.S. concluded at the end of his headlining solo set on Saturday, his first since his kidney transplant. The impressive range of dynamic, progressive hip-hop performers that preceded him at the six-hour outdoor festival, and continued through to the after-party at First Avenue, indeed made for an incredible concert experience that made the hyperbole wholly necessary.

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The Replacements at Midway Stadium, 9/13/14

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Photo by Tony Nelson

The Replacements
with the Hold Steady and Lucero
Midway Stadium, St. Paul
Satuday, September 13, 2014

Paul Westerberg comes into the store where I work sometimes. He gets his shopping done, dips out quietly, and then walks his dog back home. Some of the cashiers don't even recognize him, but the first time I rang him up, I nearly had a heart attack. For most people in The 'Mats Generation, that's a pretty banal story. After all, good chunks of the crowd in attendance at last night's show were alive and active while this group was a truly local band. They probably have great stories about the time Bob seared a guitar-shaped hole in the wall of the 7th St. Entry wearing nothing more than a pink tutu, or when they spent a night at the CC Club shooting the shit and trading jukebox picks with Chris Mars.

But I'll have to make do with the somewhat awkward, professional exchange I was fortunate enough to have with the man who wrote "Unsatisfied." That's why this show meant so much to kids my age. We finally have a Replacements memory to call our own.

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