Why Jeremy Messersmith should release a live album

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Jeremy Messersmith at Rock the Garden 2014
The storied year of sensitive rocker Jeremy Messersmith has understandably focused on the dynamics and thrills of his latest record, Heart Murmurs. It's an album that encapsulates the continued climb of his career -- he even has his own doughnut now -- even as the road is steadily steeper on a major label like Glassnote Records. Each song overflows with craftsmanship, raw emotion, and just enough seasonal reflection for it to resonate even deeper in Minneapolis.

Messersmith's formidable performance skills are nothing to sneeze at either, though. His poised album-release show at First Avenue evidenced the noisier capabilities of his expression, and a Miley Cyrus cover during this year's Rock the Garden shows he hasn't lost his sense of humor along the way. A recent live Messersmith experience can be relived thanks to the good folks at NYC Taper, who plugged in at his show in New Jersey. Note: This is not an official JM release, but it's a good case for future live recording explorations.

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Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Tickle Torture

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

Tickle Torture is getting national attention with a stylish new video from his forthcoming EP. We've also got a bumper crop of new vids from Dessa, Fog, Stereo Confession, Psymun, the Miami Dolphins, And We Danced, and XXXPRSNXXX, a New Orleans group produced by Brett Bullion and featuring Dark Dark Dark's Marshall LaCount. We've also got live performance clips from Reina del Cid (covering The Band!), and footage of Crimes' final performance. Enjoy!

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How to fix the St. Paul & the Broken Bones problem

David McClister

Some days, the cruel irony of being a white, middle-class soul fan in his 20s kinda hits me like a ton of bricks. Sure, I know my stuff. I can tell you the difference between Eddie Floyd and Eddie Bo, but I was never there, you know? Most of the greats had given up touring by the time I came of age, or their legacy-mandated ticket prices were prohibitively expensive. I never even got to see old warhorses like Stevie, Aretha or Solomon Burke, who kept up the fight long after their peers.

I own the right records, I've read the right books, but the more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from truly connecting to the pained heat of soul music. It's a sound that's inextricably tied to a cultural trauma that I have had the privilege to never endure. Deep down, I know I'm a fraud. I gotta think "Saint" Paul Janeway and his Broken Bones feel that same way too, some mornings.

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Who the heck are 5 Seconds of Summer?

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Punk comes is all different shapes and sizes. Pop-punk in particular has evolved from Blink-182 to Green Day to Fall Out Boy to All Time Low and now pop-punk is going a little more pop than punk. This week, Australian quartet 5 Seconds of Summer announced a massive headlining North American tour a year in advance on the same day their album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. They are by far the poppiest punk band to hit the radio.

Never heard of them? Whether you decide to welcome the band or not, you should make an informed decision. Gimme Noise has the 411 on the One Direction of pop-punk.

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13 songs Paul McCartney should play at Target Field, but probably won't

Photo from Facebook

Plenty of musicians have impressive back catalogs and prestigious songbooks to their credit. But the exalted 50-plus-year oeuvre of Sir Paul McCartney is something else. He's bringing a fraction of those celebrated songs to a sold-out Target Field on Saturday night, for the first full-stadium rock 'n' roll show in the ballpark's history.

There will ultimately be nothing to complain about in McCartney's song selection during his upcoming performance -- with typical set lists on his current tour stretching to a generous 39 tracks -- but we dug through Macca's impressive collection of musical gems and found 13 overlooked numbers.

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Five Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 7


Welcome to this month's Gimme Noise Beattape. The beats keep coming from our talented Twin Cities producers. Here's a Soundcloud mix featuring a range of styles and a consistency of quality. Enjoy!

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In defense of Sublime

Publicity photo

I thought I would have to wait until the 20th anniversary of Sublime's 1996 self-titled mainstream breakout album to write about how fundamentally misunderstood and judged Sublime is. I have so many feelings, too many probably, about a band whose legacy is beaten up almost as much as Insane Clown Posse's (who are possibly the most DIY music-making motherfuckers on the planet, by the way) by people who tend to lean toward the appearance-based criticism that often bashes music embraced by the working class.

But then The A.V. Club published Jonah Ray's scathing take down of "What I Got" as part of its HateSong series, and I was handed my Sublime platform.

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Mock the Garden fest could save Minneapolis from aliens and subpar sound

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Adam DeGross
Drew Ailes

Regular City Pages contributor Drew Ailes wants to save Minneapolis, and you can help him do it by attending Mock the Garden: A Celebration of Shit Culture. "It's probably the most important festival that will ever happen," he says.

On August 25, Mock the Garden will occupy the Hexagon and Memory Lanes. Benefits from the festival will be used to purchase a PA system to be used during DIY shows. And according to Ailes, known in some circles as the Henry Rollins of Minneapolis, the PA system will do more than just satiate the local punk scene's need for better sound.

The PA is going to save Minneapolis.

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Jenny Lewis: People assume I'm always writing about myself

Photo by Autumn de Wilde
Don't try to pigeonhole Jenny Lewis; she'll just push outside of your definition of who she is. The California singer-songwriter is set to release her first solo album since 2008's Acid Tongue with The Voyager, an album that has multiple layers in meaning and sound. With the help of Beck and Ryan Adams, Lewis's new album dabbles in indie-rock and pop.

Gimme Noise caught up with enigmatic Lewis before her show at First Avenue on Sunday night to see what she has been up to since her last album and what it's been like to be the sole female member in a touring group of guys.

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The 10 best "Bear" bands in rock 'n' roll

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Flickr/Chi King
Of course Panda Bear made the list.
Enough with all of the endless chatter about the best hair bands of all-time. What about the best "Bear" bands? While listening to Bear In Heaven's new album, Time Is Over One Day Old, I was struck by the proliferation in "Bear" band names. What exactly drives this musical fascination with these furry, four-legged beasts? It's not just a new development, either, as a smattering of groups from decades past have drawn their names from our distant but engrossing relationship with bears.

No matter what lies at the heart of rock music's continual preoccupation with bears, it seems like bands in this modern era -- more than any other -- routinely draw their names from something bear related. Here is a long-overdue look at the best bands with "Bear" in their moniker.

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