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Has McDonalds no shame? In the 70s, they shamelessly ripped off Sid and Marty Krofft by creating Mayor McCheese, a more sober version of H.R. Pufnstuf. In the 80s, they released a suspicious 33 1/3  RPM record of something called ?The Menu Song,? but my copy disintegrated upon the seventeeth listening. Now, having tainted stoner culture (and my faith in free-with-purchase vinyl ) they?re ruining slam poetry. One of their recent commercials features an earthy young woman rhapsodizing about McDonalds? salads in classic poetry slam cadence. ?I-feed-my-green-mood,? she recites, traipsing through a grassy meadow that hasn?t been purchased and developed by McDonalds yet. Unfortunately, the woman?s stilted speech is less reminiscent of the Nuyorican Poet?s Café than of that computerized Radiohead voice. (You know the one: Never washing spiders down the plughole?) Courting hippies, bohos and backpackers is a bold advertising strategy, but I somehow doubt sales of silken tofu will plummet.

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