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April Fool's jokes that won't end

On Friday, a Web site reported that John Hughes was coming out of seclusion to make a sequel to 1986's Pretty in Pink. The site listed as a source, which takes you directly to, a dead link. As if the joke wasn't obvious enough, the writer claims that O.M.D. will be performing the theme song, "If You Leave Again." Har har.

Still, that didn't prevent the Guardian from picking up the story and running it as a real item yesterday. Even better: The story ran right next to a correction blurb, which revealed that the news of Peter Jackson directing back-to-back sequels of King Kong was actually an April Fool's hoax.

In true-but-unbelievable news: 98 Degrees singer Justin Jeffre is running for mayor of Cincinnati, even though his former bandmate Nick Lachey had mayoral dreams of his own.

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