Yard signs bring out the funk

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Couple in Mississippi gets super-freaked by BMX bandits, ubiquitous catchphrase

According to the New York Post (and who doesn't believe that veritable tome of truth?) Chappelle's Show fans in Hattiesburg, Miss., are stealing yard signs endorsing Rick James, a candidate for city council in the southern town. Diane James, Rick's wife, sent a letter to Comedy Central begging the network to help pay for replacement signage. She says vandals also have been riding by their home on bikes screaming, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" Hmmm...telling the other Rick James you're Rick James? It seems like this sort of taunt would make more sense if it were directed at the home of Kentucky realtor Charlie Murphy, who hasn't been so bold as to contact the network to pay for his "for sale" signs yet.

So where is the next season of Chappelle's Show? Rolling Stone reports (as transcribed here) that Chappelle and his writing partner are suffering from writer's block and feel like they've been getting it up the badunkadunk from Comedy Central. The new season is set to premiere May 31st, more than three months behind schedule. 

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