Getting Dizzy

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Art-A-Whirl kicks off in NE Mpls. tonight

It's like a word problem only easier: Three days, more than 300 artists, 400 studios, and thousands of people converging for the summer's No.1 art crawl. Some arty equations to solve before you go crawling for art pieces to add to your collection of minimalist pop-cult miscellany, as well as a few inebriant components that should make crawling seem natural:


A two-headed squirrel + Grain Belt Beer + a missing thumb - chili at the California Building

A beautifully dark literary group +  a giant bathroom + malt liquor at Creative Electric Studios


Sea Whores + Fuck Yeahs + artwork + overhearing the phrase "fuck yeah" at Grumpy's

10 Bands + wine + Kool-Aid - pitcher crashing through walls in Elias Studios' parking lot

+ 21 more events and hundreds more artists...

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