Public display of introspection

Local Strategy, a Twin Cities artist collective, is searching for visual artists, musicians, dancers, fabricators, and volunteers to participate in Landmark, a free 24-hour public-art event taking place at the Stone Arch Bridge on August 27th and 28th. The group describes the upcoming event thusly:
At sunrise on Saturday, August 27, a choreographed system of performances and installations will emerge from the landscape, and stay in continuous motion until sunrise on Sunday, August 28. The events are inspired by the history, geology and natural wonder that are embedded and alive in this site. Some of the events are clearly marked, others you will discover as you explore the area on and around the Stone Arch Bridge.

Events so far include a sound score to last 24 hours, a sky procession, a great cake contest, afternoon performance tours, evening storytelling, and "surprise" events that will emerge from the landscape. The bridge, apparently, holds many secrets. So if you ask real nicely maybe it will reveal the surprises in store.

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