Red-hot CJ extends Lohan streak to 6 columns

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If there were a Pulitzer Prize in celebrity journalism--and really, isn't it time?--the Star Tribune's own Cheryl Johnson would surely be on this year's short list. The indefatigable CJ has been tracking Lindsay Lohan's movements round the cities like a one-woman Missing Persons Unit. All told, Lohan's name has featured in six consecutive CJ columns. Today's dispatch catches Lohan aboard the Timberland Twister at Camp Snoopy and later ducking into a "mall shop" (which one, CJ? which one?) to try on "one of those tall novelty hats."

The six straight mentions are believed to be a local gossip column record. In recognition of the feat, here is a start on the soon-to-be-historic Cheryl Johnson/Lindsay Lohan archive:

Lindsay does Camp Snoopy, July 12
Lindsay "attacks" a rack of vintage clothing, July 10
Lindsay gets carded, rebuffs CJ at local bar, July 7
CJ offers catty aside about Lindsay's entourage, July 5
Lindsay puts on sunglasses, orders room service, July 3
Lindsay first spotted by CJ: "too thin", June 30

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