'Commander in Chief' creator: We're running like madmen away from politics!

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Creator/executive producer Rod Lurie wants to make it clear that his new ABC show, "Commander in Chief," starring Academy Award winner Geena Davis as an independent vice president thrust into power following the death of a Republican president, will take great pains to skirt as many political issues as possible. Even though the show is set in the White House. And it's about America's first female president. "We're going to deal with East Wing stuff, residential stuff," Lurie says. So it's a family drama, only Mom is always wearing a navy blue suit while she reads the bedtime stories... through the intercom from the Situation Room. While Aaron Sorkin, an unabashed lefty, shepherded his politically-charged "West Wing" to high ratings and numerous Emmy Awards, Lurie, also a Democrat, wants to be clear: "We don't want to be caught on the left side of the world at all." With a flaccid sales pitch like that, even conservatives won't be caught on ABC Tuesdays this fall.

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