Josh Watch: Say it ain't so!

Categories: Gossip
Bad news, Joshketeers: Star reports that Mr. Hartnett is shopping for real estate with buxom The Island culprit Scarlett Johansson. They're said to be looking for posh New York digs. (Look out SoHo, here come JoHar and ScarJo!) If only we could find a way to lure Josh back to the pebb'ly shores of Lake of the Isles, where he lived in less heady times.

Remember when Josh was a real Minnesotan, with that $8 monk's-tonsure haircut, blank, boyish gaze, and crappy roles opposite the likes of Shannyn Sossamon? He's totally gone Hollywood on us, with his unable-to-open-a-movie-yet-inexplicably-A-list girlfriend and Curtis Hansen cred. Looks like you get a D-minus in keepin' it real, Josh. A charitable D-minus.

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