One-click butt plugs: selling sex toys

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Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle, via Obscure Store, reported last Friday that has added a Sex and Sensuality department with very little fanfare, mostly likely to avoid attention from the religious right. The inventory features toys, lube, books, condoms, douches, performance enhancers - 37,000 items including over 4,800 toys. Sex and Sensuality appears to be a part of their new Health & Personal Care section which also features wheelchairs, toilet seats, and low-vision aids. Morford reports Amazon seems to be primarily a reseller in the sex toy department, offering its distribution channel to specialty sex-toy companies like ForePlay and Frolics Superstore. So next time you're contemplating purchasing Quinton Skinner's new book or the latest New Pornographers CD, head over and pick up a pair of remote control vibrating panties to score free shipping.

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