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Their only eventual claim on the mainstream imagination was becoming the theme song to Jackass (with "Corona," a song about poverty), and serving as a soundtrack to a car commercial ("Love Dance," though I forget which car). But even if the greatest-ever American punk band deserves better than the new documentary opening Friday for a week at the Bell (where's the industrial landscape of San Pedro? Or the music videos? Or the stuff from IRS's The Cutting Edge? Or the bulk of their studio recordings?), I won't quibble with Spin editor Jon Dolan's eloquent rave in City Pages: "Equal parts civics lesson and group-therapy purge, a flashback to the hardly Edenic indie '80s, and an 'R.I.P.' written in sweat, We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen sends up a solemnly sweet glory-be for the corndog superheroes of American punk-rock humanism." Plus the rare live footage goes a long way.

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