The pitch: So, like, you know how funny anorexia is, right? Well imagine it times four.

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On Thursday night, FX premieres the (surprisingly) critically lauded Starved, a sitcom about four thirty-somethings who all suffer from varying degrees of eating disorders: There's Adam, a bulimic cop; Dan and Sam, two compulsive overeaters; and Billie, a bisexual recovering anorexic-bulimic. Sounds like a real knee-slapper. If the oh-so sagacious US Weekly has taught us anything, it's that people with eating disorders are to be gawked at from afar, not mocked in primetime like they're simply some teenagers with emotional problems or something.

But if diseases are the new comic devices, I'd like to show the execs at FX a script I have about five recovering-alcoholic roommates who all have different STDs. The slogan is, "Like Friends...only sometimes 'painful.'" Oh, the shenanigans that ensue!

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