"ANTM" sashays back into our hearts

Categories: Television
Cycle 5 of America's Next Top Model (premiering September 21) is already shaping up to be delectable fan-candy. For starters, Tyra "BE QUIET!" Banks has jettisoned her unfortunate "Rusty Jones" weave in favor of more flattering brunette tresses. Secondly, ANTM has added a "plus-sized" model, Diane, to its jewel-box assortment of hotties--though calling Diane "plus-sized" is like diagnosing a 5'3 woman with dwarfism. Best of all, we get another Minneapolitan contestant this year, (Coryn) who hopefully will go further than lightheaded Rebecca , who sent us running for the smelling salts last season--er, "cycle."

Favorite to win: Jayla, the token "punk" who makes Lex from Survivor look like Richard Hell by comparison.

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