With a name like "ASSSSCAT", it's got to be good!

Categories: Television
Tonight marks the premiere of ASSSSCAT Improv on Bravo, which stars founding members Upright Citizens Brigade and hey-you-should-actually watch-this! guest stars like Tina Fey, Horatio Sanz, Andy Richter and Rachel Dratch. Rest assured, you'll be spared Whose Line?-esque "hilarity" ("Sing a song about Wayne's underwear in the style of Luther Vandross!") in favor of fresh, family-unfriendly comedy. And NYC improv groupies know that ASSSSCAT's live shows are pants-shittingly sublime, so the TV version's bound to elicit at least a couple of guffaws. It's an unmissable treat for those of us (cough) who dream of being the creamy lard filling in a Fey/Poehler sandwich cookie.

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