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[This just in our email:] An open letter to music writers across Minnesota and beyond from Rich Mattson [pictured, 1981] (Ol' Yeller, the Glenrustles, Flowerpot Studio, SMA Records):

As many of you may have heard, I am moving back to the Homeland, the Iron Range, Sparta Minnesota (the first Iron Range community) later this month. I have lived here in Minneapolis for 18 years (already?!) and although I absolutely love it and have made excellent friends and connections and have established myself pretty good for an outsider, I have decided to pack up and move the operation NORTHWARDS 200 MILES. I believe change is a good thing, plus my family needs me up there, and I've grown to love that northern beauty again to the point where every time I visit I don't want to leave...

First off, I want to emphasize this does not mean the end of OL' YELLER. We will continue recording, performing, and goofing off as
usual. We have a new album to be released in early 2006 that I believe to be our best work yet. I'll be coming back about once a month for gigs and practice, and my bandmates are committed to visiting me to work on recordings.

I've got big plans. Once I move to what was once the Old Apostolic
Lutheran Church in Sparta (near Gilbert) I will set up my recording
studio and office in a great space. The church is an L-shaped building built in 1978, one-story with a nice big kitchen and plenty of living area not to mention the actual church space that will serve as a nice, big rock and roll rumpus room out in the country. Many of my favorite studio clients are already geared to come and record with me there, including Ouija Radio, Baby Grant Johnson, the Gleam.. Mostly I want to record my own stuff, bring all those melodies I keep hearing into focus and get the music out there to be heard. I'll also be playing more solo shows, all over the state, as Ol' Yeller may become a little more exclusive..

The record label, SMA Records, should benefit from my relocation, as
I'll have more time to work on promoting our releases. In the next few months, we'll have albums coming out from Mike Nicolai, The New
Vintage, and the FLAMIN' OH'S. My relationship with the legendary
Flamin' Oh's has been so sweet and serendipitous. They were the first
band I heard, way back in 1981 when I was in the 7th grade, that played original music from "da CITIES". Before then, I never knew it was possible to do that, play originals, right here in Minnesota. Now they have recorded the last album I will make here at my studio in
Minneapolis. I couldn't be prouder, and I can't wait for their cd
release party in December, where Ol' Yeller will open. That's gonna be great!

If you'd like, go to for more of
the story of what I've been up to for 18 years living in Minneapolis.
It's been an awesome ride, but I am ready to stir things up and see
what happens. I want to thank all the musicians, fans, clubs,
criticizers, and freaks for all the fun and invaluable memories..let's move to the next chapter and keep it rolling!

My last shows as a resident of Minneapolis are:

Thursday October 6
501 Cedar Ave South Minneapolis 612-338-6424
"SONGWRITER'S SHOWCASE" featuring Spider John Koerner, Dave Simonett
from Trampled By Turtles, Sherwin Linton, Matt Pudis (White Iron Band)
and more...I go on at around 11:00!! $5 cover

Friday October 7 DOUBLE HEADER!!!
Benefit: Habitat For Humanity-"Operation Home Delivery" benefit for
Hurricane Katrina evacuees!! I'm gonna kick this thing off at 8:00 for a 30 minute set, then head off to....

1319 Marshall St Northeast Minneapolis 612-378-9831
Rich Mattson, solo, playing many tunes, 9:30-1:30a.m. free! Tips encouraged.

Saturday October 8
600 East Superior St. Duluth 218-279-BREW
Rich Mattson, solo, tunesmith workshop, 9:30-12:30 free! Buy a cd, eh.

Thursday October 13
318 Water Street Excelsior MN 952.401.7902
Rich Mattson, solo, again, 7:00-10:30 p.m. free! Tips requested.

Saturday October 15
3018 Hennepin Ave S. Minneapolis 612.823.4719
OL' YELLER with Mike Gunther and his Restless Souls, and High On Stress
$5 cover

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