'Scene Minneapolis: 1977-1986' tonight

Karl Mueller Soul Asylum Harder Fuller.jpg
Here's the kind of event the Sound Unseen Festival exists to bring. Screening only once, tonight at 7:30 p.m., Scene Minneapolis: 1977-1986 collects vintage local rock footage by Mike Rivard, Craig Sinard, and Chuck Statler from the late '70s and early '80s, of bands including Things That Fall Down, the Psychenauts, the Wallets, Johnny Rey, the Suburbs, and more. Let's hope this includes the Replacements footage Rivard has never released. Screens with the 2005 premiere of Soul Asylum: Never Too Late, Never Too Soon from Harder/Fuller Films, which features long-lost concert footage shot in December 1987. Here's Sound Unseen's full schedule, and an opinionated rundown at Complicatedfun.com, with more here and here in City Pages. Update: Don't miss the after party at the Kitty Cat Klub with the New Standards, a new band featuring Chan Poling (Suburbs), John Munson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic), and Steve Roehm (Rhombus).

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