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Sarah Silverman was one of the best things about Mr. Show and There's Something About Mary. Skip ahead seven years later, and most people who saw The Aristocrats agree that Silverman's ultra-dark joke, which also has caused old-time comic Joe Franklin to consider suing her for defamation of character, trumped any joke Bob Saget told. Finally, people were talking about Silverman again years after the media jumped all over her for that "chink" joke she told on Conan O'Brien. (To be sure, that joke is what Silverman does best: exposing the duality and parallels of racism and political correctness while forcing audiences to explore what "appropriate" means and why.)

But when my mom told me recently that she liked this "Silverman girl," the seven-year-old dreams I had of becoming a multi-talented tightly tethered-together trio of best friends with Silverman and her polar opposite Amy Sedaris were dashed. I had to admit to myself that Sedaris, Silverman, and I will never embroider gingham aprons with apple appliques while simultaneously attempting to one-up one another with the most offensive joke ever told.

In the last month alone, Silverman has been profiled in The New Yorker, L.A. Times, and the Chicago Sun Times. Her new film based on her stand-up, Jesus is Magic, has received nothing but high praises. The film, reviewed here in CP, opens at the Lagoon tonight. And given Silverman's ascendant popularity, the critic accolades, and the fact that the film features jokes no one wants to tell about 9/11 and anal rape, you might want to get your tickets early. In the meantime, check out Silverman here as the new host of Chappelle's Show.

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