Spin and Vibe for sale

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"Music mags Spin and Vibe have been quietly put on the market, giving leading suitor Quincy Jones some unwelcome competition," reported Radar Magazine last week. "There are a number of parties with strong interest in the properties," one source is quoted as saying. "I think both magazines will have a nice life after this." Besides writing for both glossies on occasion, and having friends at Spin (including former City Pages music editors Jon Dolan, Melissa Maerz, and Will Hermes), this critic has had an emotional attachment to both of these publications for as long as they've existed (as well as some complaints along the way). They've both changed the culture for the better, I think. So an open question to readers: How could these mags improve? How can they keep an identity under new ownership, as the competition with Blender, Rolling Stone, and online sources heats up? Do they matter any more? And if not, how can they?

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