A DVD club that . . . doesn't . . . wear . . . a hairpiece!

Categories: Film
Not since Priceline.com has there been such a deal, or spokesman: The William Shatner DVD Club is open for business. "William Shatner has culled the thousands of films he has seen into a collection of the best Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy movies available." And for only $47.99 a year, you can own 12 of them, featuring some of Bill's favorite actors, like Daniel Baldwin and Judd Neslon [sic]. Better still, you can "Get William Shatner's opinion before you go to the theatre or watch it on DVD!" as well as vote on his best Star Trek performance. (ST III: Search for Spock is already checked for your convenience.) Too bad there's no mention of some of Shatner's best films being in the queue, like Incubus, the only film to date in Esperanto, and Want a Ride, Little Girl?, where he wears both a tank-top and a leisure suit.

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