Now that's punny: a headline-writing contest

The Disney dog-sled movie, Eight Below, has inspired a slew of groan-worthy headlines. Can you top these stinkers?

Eight Below is Top Dog
Eight Below Licks Film Rivals
Eight Below Mushses to No. 1 Debut
Eight Below: A Mushed-See Movie
Eight Below Paws its Way to Box-Office Success
Sled Dogs Prove Ample Actors in Eight Below
Some Nifty Canines Star in the Exciting Eight Below
Eight Below: A Dogged Survival Tale
Eight Below Warms the Heart Despite Faux Paws (*)
Sled Dogs in Eight Below Tug at Heart Strings
Eight Below Freezes Nuts Off US Weekend Box Office
The Universe Must Be Inverted, Because Dogs From Heaven Have Found Eight Below (**)

*(Yes, this headline is real, and as far as we know so are the dogs' paws.)

**(Ok, this isn't real, but we think it's "A Cut Above the Other Eight Below Headlines.")

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