Where the streets have a lame name

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A couple in Duluth this week proposed renaming their street Wisteria Lane, based on the trifling but high-rated ABC show Desperate Housewives. Apparently their street was filled with so much petty drama they thought the name suited their little hood.

Thankfully, the City Council rejected the couple's request, otherwise Minnesota would be known as the home of governors who wrestle and stalk, weird things called skyways that unfortunately aren't made entirely of glass, and a street embarrassingly named after the world's most vapid primetime players. If you're going to name a street based on a television show, at least use a good show for inspiration, like this one in the picture to the left. It looks like the folks who named DuBois Avenue must've really loved the butler-turned-politician Benson DuBois, from the 80s sitcom Benson. Don't you think? Don't you?

If you could rename your street anything you wanted to, what would it be and why? And what other Twin Cities streets should be renamed?

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