But Ringo will still sound like Ringo

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Vinyl purists who believe analog still rules and digital fans who think music is best played by laser agree on one thing: the original CDs of The Beatles' catalog suck. They've never been redone since they were first released to mixed reviews in the late '80s, and nearly 20 years later, their sonics seem worse than ever and long overdue for an upgrade. According to vinyl guru Michael Fremer, it may be around the corner: in a piece for his webpage Music Angle about the next Capitol Beatles box, engineer Roy Jensen tells Fremer "rather casually, that EMI was working at Abbey Road on the long overdue remastering of the entire UK Beatles catalog." No word on any vinyl reissues, but savvy turntable owners avoid the Japanese albums still sold for $35 to $60-- they were sourced from those same rotten-sounding CDs, not master tapes.

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