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GWAR @ First Avenue

From today's A-List: "How do you celebrate Halloween when your average day consists of dressing up in grotesque foam rubber costumes, drenching people in fake blood (among other bodily fluids), and singing songs about death, dismemberment, and demented sex monsters from outer space? Only GWAR knows. After 11 albums, five full-length videos, countless personnel changes, and two decades spent touring the world with their scatological circus, GWAR trudge on with the stamina of the intergalactic barbarians they claim to be. Their latest release, this year's Beyond Hell, is a concept album about the band's quest through the underworld to defeat Satan in an "eviler than thou" pissing contest. Few bands have the talent, guts, manpower, or sense of humor to pull off this kind of spectacle; GWAR's done it for 20 years and the schtick still isn't old. Bring safety goggles."

With Red Chord and Municipal Waste. All ages. $15/$18 at the door. 5:00 p.m.


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