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Hold Steady @ First Avenue

From Nate Patrin's review of the new Hold Steady record: "There is a point on Boys and Girls in America that marks the line the Hold Steady have apparently crossed. It's the chorus on the second track, a churning anthem dubbed 'Chips Ahoy!,' where it's a bit hard to tell just what Craig Finn is singing (...singing?) because he can't quite shout loud enough to be heard over a traffic-jam racket of 'oh-oh-ho-oh-oh-hohhhh-oh' backup vocals and monolithic rhythm/piano/organ/guitar/guitar/guitar/guitar! noise. Welcome the new(ish) Hold Steady: slicker, more obvious (if more relatable), more riffs, more force, more exclamation points, more debt to the classic-rock company store, more backup singers, and more melody from one Craig Finn, owner of rock's greatest hectoring narrative yell. If 'less is more'--as guitarist Tad Kubler described the formative structure of this record--this album must've been made with practically nothing." Read the rest here.

With Sean Na Na. $15. 18+. 8:00 p.m.


Figurines @ 400
Dan Israel @ 331
Barry Lopez @ Borders
Dave Holland @ Dakota
Barbra Streisand @ Xcel
Choplogic/Parts for All Makes (dual CD release) @ Turf Club

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