City Planner: Weekend Edition (10/07-08)

TV on the Radio @ First Avenue

From Sunday's A-List: "Even when they're singing 'Cover your balls/'Cause we swing kung fu,' there's something hymn-like and high-minded--sacred, even--that results from the falsetto wailing and layered electronic loops of Brooklyn-based TV on the Radio. Will their noise-drenched cascade of percussion and hushed choral crescendos turn First Avenue into an avant-garde Crystal Cathedral of indie rock? They definitely have the raw material for it--their latest release, Return from Cookie Mountain, has been topping charts and top-10 lists all over the universe. If their complex mix of overlapped vocals and multi-tracked samples sounds as good onstage as they do coming out of the stereo, First Avenue might have to be desanctified afterward." Check out video of TVotR with Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) here. With Grizzly Bear. 18+. $13/$15 at the door. 8:00 p.m.



Junior Boys @ 400 Bar
Martin Devaney (CD release) @ Turf Club
Karrin Allyson @ the Fitzgerald
Scissor Sisters @ Myth
Requiem for a Heavyweight @ Mixed Blood
Willy Porter @ the Cedar
Yo La Tengo @ First Ave
FallCon @ the Fairgrounds
Beatifics @ Uptown
Faux Jean @ 7th St.
Gilded Age @ Stevens Square
Your Loving Tiger @ the Church
Long Winters @ Triple Rock


Anti-Columbus Day @ Fine Line
Irv Williams & Peter Schimke @ the AQ
"Downriver" @ Minnesota Center for Photography
Mark Kozelek @ 400 Bar
Detroit Cobras @ Triple Rock

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