City Planner: Weekend Edition (10/21-22)

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David Sedaris @ Orpheum

From today's A-List: "Besides the hilariousness of David Sedaris, I can't think of anything in the cultural world that my four parents, sundry friends, and all my cousins (Republicans and Democrats alike) agree on. He's a point of American consensus free of a 'point,' so naturally there's a backlash. But even if you suspect that the memoirist and public radio commentator has been blessed with unusually good material in his too-weird-for-sitcom family (and judging from his sister, Strangers with Candy star Amy Sedaris, he has), there's a real art to his gliding irritability. His version of real people, even himself, can't be the whole story, yet he rarely seems to fudge for anything but a focused laugh (he reaches for those punch lines). Sedaris enjoys his own smallness and discomfort without celebrating it. Like a quieter, literary version of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm, he's a man of the people--just on his own, very specific terms.

$22-$37. 8:00 p.m



Laura Harley @ Acadia
Rollergirls @ Roy Wilkins
Gin Blossoms @ Fine Line
Big Ditch Road (CD Release)@ Hexagon
Plastic Constellations @ Triple Rock
G.S.T. @ Fusion (formerly French Press)
The Hook Up (fe. Black Blondie) @ Dinkytowner
Todd Norsten (closing) @ Midway Contemporary Art


RatDog @ Fitzgerald
ARENA @ Southern
Bouncing Souls @ First Avenue
A Whisper in the Noise @ Triple Rock
Widespread Panic @ Northrop (with this dude opening!)

These events and more at the A-List.

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