City Planner: Weekend Edition (11/25-26)

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Pere Ubu @ 400 Bar

From Sunday's A-List: "David Thomas is enough of an artist that I believe him when he writes that the title of Pere Ubu's new Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil) came to him as an imagined Jim Thompson novel, and that "knowing what would lay ahead, I was not happy. Weeks went by as I searched in vain for an alternative." By now his claim on rock 'n' roll history is more a 30-year tradition of shaken sounds and ideas than a band, but his latest bitter pill for publicists accompanies the best lineup in years, with trademark analog synthesizer squeals meeting more aggressive stabs of guitar fuzz over a ready-to-bolt rhythm section. Thomas's ghost-wail never fails to chill, but the recent Rocket from the Tombs reunion must have put him in his old Cleveland state of mind, because Why I Hate Women veers and throbs like a punk record, and a great one at that."

18+. $15. 8:00 p.m.



Anonymous 4 @ the Fitz
Choreographer's Evening @ the Walker
Dierks Bentley @ Xcel


Mary Mack @ Acadia
Ludacris @ Myth

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