Olson Defeats Rumsfeld (or... Jayhawk bites Hawk)

It took awhile, but Donald Rumsfeld has finally taken former Jayhawk and current Original Harmony Ridge Creekdipper Mark Olson's challenge to get outta the war business. Olson's 2004 CD Political Manifest included the song "End Of The Highway, Rumsfeld," which, while not exactly a toe-tapper, suggested in no uncertain terms that the outgoing hawk stick his guns where the sun don't shine.


In other news, Olson and his former Jayhawks mate Gary Louris (who assisted on the Dixie Chicks' latest anti-Bush singalong Not Ready To Make Nice ) are set to start writing songs together next month. Here's hoping the new Congress will provide some feel-good inspiration for stuff like, say, "When I Think Of Nancy Pelosi I Touch Myself," "Swingin' Party (George and Saddam Hang Together Side By Side)," etc.

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