City Planner: Monday 12/18

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In Flames @ First Avenue

From today's A-List: "These four heavy acts span both the globe and metal's stylistic spectrum; not sure how they ended up together, but each is worth checking out. Headliners In Flames are heavyweights in Sweden's Gothenburg scene, which means they thrash with sensitivity and tune. Alongside At the Gates, they've influenced every young metalcore band ever. Italy's Lacuna Coil were doing the melodic female-fronted goth-metal thing long before Evanescence. Their latest, Karmacode, isn't as good as Amy Lee's new one, but it does feature a deliciously gloomy cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence." The Sword, from Austin, churn out hipster-approved, Sabbath-indebted sludge that manages to swing every once in a while. And similarly sludgy Seamless are fronted by Jesse Leach, who used to play in Killswitch Engage."

All ages. $21/$25 at the door. 5:00 p.m.


Roe Family Singers @ 331
Bizarre @ Station 4

Check out the A-List.

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