Come for the food, stay for the slideshow

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You're shuffling around Northeast, Art-a-Whirling about. Your feet hurt. Worse, you're starving. You could go here, or here, or here, but after 24 straight hours of art-watching, you're afraid to ween your eyes off the junk.

Your solution: Slideluck Potshow.

The idea's pretty simple: A bunch of starving artists show up with grub and a handful of slides. You show up and take it all in. If there's a better way to fill the art-shopping gas tank this weekend, we haven't heard about it.

(from the New York Times)

It's happening Saturday at 7:00 pm in the Casket Arts building, studio 414. Go here to read about the original New York happening (reg. required), and check out some of the best recipes from those slideshows here.

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