Answer: He's the St. Louis Park teen who's going to be on Jeopardy! next week

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Jeopardy! Productions Inc.

The Jeopardy! Summer Games Teen Tournament starts next Monday and runs through Friday July 27, featuring 15 kids from around the country competing for a $75,000 grand prize. One of the youngest in contention for that college nest egg will be 15-year-old Aiden Pink (shown above with host Alex Trebek) from St. Louis Park. We tried to get Pink on the phone and grill him about the capital of Burundi and from what animal's milk do we get mozzarella, but summer break has found Pink out of the country. We wish him well with that whole answering a question with another question thing—good practice for future relationships. Jeopardy! can be seen locally on KARE 11 at 4:30 pm weekdays.

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