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Prince fans take to 7th Street for a coveted First Avenue ticket

Text by Rhena Tantisunthorn | Photos by Nick Vlcek


Kathryn Carucci (above) sacrificed a vacation day to be the first person in line for tickets to Prince's Saturday night aftershow at First Avenue, his first appearance at the club in twenty years. Carucci and her companions, Mark Marthaler and Kelly Magnuson, began camping out at 12:30 Friday afternoon, bringing the total number of hours that they'll be waiting in line for tickets to see his purple majesty to twenty-six and a half.

Carucci has a unique motivation for wanting to see the artist at this venue: she was an extra in various club scenes in Prince's 1984 film Purple Rain. "It's going back to what he started as," Carucci commented. But the long night ahead is also worth it to the twenty or so other people who were already lined up by 4:00 pm Friday. This show, according to several of the unflappable fans calling the cold concrete of 7th Street home for the next day, is history in the making. "This is the biggest show of his career," added Chris Willis, number four in line. "Everyone's out here for the same reason. The Macy's crowd are the people who laid out the money, the commercial people are at Target, and the die-hard fans are here." In order to thwart scalpers, First Avenue is only selling one ticket per person. Wristbands will make the tickets non-transferable.

The early comers arrived well-equipped with chairs, cards, water, games, and books. Carucci brought a cooler of snacks, a heavy iron patio table that lends a café air to the front of the UN-Bank, cribbage, a patio umbrella stashed for the early morning sun, and a Harry Potter book. When asked if she'd be waiting in line for the latest Potter installment she replied that she wouldn't, but her daughter would. Apparently it's genetic.

Also in line...

...fans from New York...

...Peoria, Illinois...


...even Japan!

Text by Rhena Tantisunthorn | Photos by Nick Vlcek

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