Raging Bull

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Ever wanted to run with the bulls in Spain? Minnesotans at the State Fair had an opportunity to run with a bull this morning when the 1,600 lb. testosterone-fueled animal named Saber, became agitated and somehow managed to escape from his handlers.

At approximately 9:15 a.m. the Saber was seen cruising down Judson Street for about two blocks, his head tilted down as people screamed and scattered about the busy street. Confused with his newfound freedom, the bull briefly chased one elderly couple, and contemplated stomping a baby in a stroller. Eventually, the Saber chose self-destruction instead, running full-force into a red fire hydrant near the Miracle of Birth Center and the all-you-can-drink milk booth. Moments later he died from massive head wounds. The bull was removed via forklift and transported to the University of Minnesota for disposal (anyone for steak on a stick?). The fire hydrant as well as the fairgoers involved, thankfully, appear to be uninjured.

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