MF Doom just isn't himself lately

As reported here in today's City Pages, "The internet is abuzz with accusations that masked rapper MF Doom, who is on local hip-hop label Rhymesayers, enlisted an imposter to pose as himself and lip-synch recent performances in L.A. and San Francisco." According to the Village Voice's in-depth report, "[Patrons of the San Francisco club the Independent] aren't getting refunds, and neither is the club--absent any proof that he wasn't actually there, a lip-synching Doom wouldn't have violated the terms of his contract, [club co-owner Allen] Scott says, adding that attendees can exchange their stubs for another performance, or return for the rescheduled Doom show on September 18." Here's some background on Doom, plus more at Wired, DJ Enki's blog, two posts in the SF Weekly, Wikipedia, and DUNation.

Note: In other Rhymesayers news, the label is donating a dollar from every presale ticket for Atmosphere's upcoming "Everybody Loves A Clown" tour to a relief fund for victims of the 35W bridge collapse.

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