Anarcho-Hobo Army Takes Downtown

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March 4rth at the Foundation - Wednesday, September 26
Review by Sarah Askari
Photos by Tony Nelson

You can take the punk of the gutter-- and put him on stilts, even-- but
you can't take the anarchy out of the punk. The March Fourth marching
band, an outfit hailing from Portland, Oregon, blew through town on tour
this week.

Their gig was scheduled for the Foundation Nightclub, but a marching
band can't really stretch its wings in the basement of the Lumber
Exchange Building, can it? It seemed fitting that they started the
evening with a procession down Hennepin Avenue. It had just rained, and
the sparkles on their costumes reflected the same light that was
bouncing out of puddles.

The band's aesthetic is a mix of burlesque revival, train bum, and
Burning Man. They sport two daring stiltwalkers and two charming dancers
in addition to the 16 members of the brass and percussion section.

They walked so willingly into the dark cage of the Foundation--maybe
they knew the end of the night would be spent stealing Minneapolis's
children. I can see it--they would raise the little waifs to play hot
trombone licks and dirty New Orleans romps, and teach them how to eat
like gourmets from the dumpsters behind Whole Foods stores across the

Inside the club, there was no arguing with the driving beats of the
marchers. Most everybody danced. That much brass in that little space
means that the nondancing part of your spirit is handily outvoted by the
hip-shakin' part.

And even with all that flashing metal--on the sax, on the trombones, and
the weird welded wings of the snare drummers--there was still more to
look at. The sassy winking and constant capers of the dancers were a
nice compliment to their intergalactic space-hussy outfits. Just because
you believe in brass doesn't mean it has to be your one-and-only.

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