Flying local man saves woman from fire...sort of

Categories: Comedy

While news cameras, amateur photographers, and bloggers were documenting the Maxwell's fire last week in real-time, Steve Barone was watching from the window of his ad agency office, dreaming up a superhuman rescue plan.

It starts with a camera--he sets it on a tripod, points it at the fire, and starts rolling. The rest happens at home. "I have a small green screen there, a Superman outfit, and a girl handy," he says.

At 9 PM, with firefighters still decompressing from the long battle, Steve Barone posted his rescue to the webernet for the whole world to see--and marvel...

If our hero looks familiar to you, you've no doubt encountered him before--playing guitar in Lifter Puller, blowing minds with The Hawaii Show, wrestling some dude in a pool of mashed potatoes, or interviewing Prince on his YouTube show: Minnie Indie.

Onward, Barone. Onward.

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