Another acolade for that one guy from Hibbing

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Throw your hands in the air Hibbing, your Bobby Zimmerman won the Pulitzer. Network news, cue the video montage! We've got our own montage here--it's better than the others, we assure you. And it's a little strange at times, we confess.

Here's Bob in the Nashville Skyline era with (a too-cool-for-school) Johnny Cash doing One Too Many Mornings:

Doing Hava Nagila with Peter Himmelman and Harry Dean Stanton for a Chabad Lubavitch telethon in the '80s:

Here's Bob doing Jokerman on Letterman with L.A. punks The Plugz backing him:

Singing and speaking to the Pope in 1997 (fast forward to about the six minute mark to see Bob ascend the stairs to a waiting Pope, remove his cowboy hat, and have a few words):

Starring in a Cadillac Escalade commercial, for some reason. Listening to my favorite Smog song, for some reason:

Co-starring in a Victoria's Secret commercial:

On the Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1976, from an NBC TV special. Doing a kind of insane Maggie's Farm. And yeah, that's Mick Ronson on guitar:

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