Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme vs. Mike Tyson

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Some of you may have seen the video of Josh Homme going into a homophobic tirade against an audience member who purportedly threw a shoe at him.

While I sympathize with Homme's sentiment--I've never understood why people throw shit at bands they paid good money to see--his use of "faggot" and threat to "buttfuck you in front of all your friends" is just a wee bit, uh, disturbing?

Here's the video of Homme's tirade:

It reminds me of some of Mike Tyson's more insane rants. Such as when he threatened to eat his opponent's children, rape them, etc.

The lunacy at 2:25-- which finds Tyson saying, "I'll fuck you till you love me faggot!"--is the part Homme reminded me of.

But when you name your band "Queens of the Stone Age," you may have some manhood issues.

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