Stone Arch Festival releases final music lineup

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In addition to hosting over 200 local artists, this weekend's Stone Arch Festival of the Arts will also showcase an impressive array of local music on three separate stages. Highlights from this year's festival include Gospel Gossip, Romantica, Spaghetti Western String Co., Murzik, the Wars of 1812, Martin Devaney, and many more.


Full schedule after the jump.

Saturday, June 14

Star Tribune Stage

10:45 am The Auto Body Experience
12:00pm Terry Eason
1:15 pm The Absent Arch
2:30 pm The Glad Version
3:45 pm Murzik
5:00 pm Wars of 1812

City Pages Stage

11:00 am Scott Wooldridge
12:15 pm Bob & Lynn Dixon
1:30 pm Andy Juhl
2:45 pm Eliza Blue
4:00 pm Andra Suchy
5:15 pm Capitol Jay

Courtyard Stage

12:00 pm The Debut
2:00 pm Mick Sterling
4:00 pm Senders
7:30 pm The Lovers Show

Sunday, June 15

Star Tribune Stage

11:30am Sam Keenan
12:45pm Randy Casey
2:00pm Chastity Brown
3:30 pm Spaghetti Western String Co.
5:00pm Romantica

City Pages Stage

11:00 am Jeff D. Johnson
12:15 pm Michael Young
1:30 pm Roger Flyer
2:45 pm The Mad Ripple
4:00 pm Gazillion
5:15 pm Alison Rae

Courtyard Stage

11:00 am Vertigo Joe
12:30 pm Martin Devaney Band
2:00 pm Bella Koshka
4:00 pm Ari Herstand
6:30 pm Gospel Gossip

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