Guthrie's Government Inspector: worth bribing someone to get in

Categories: Theater

If you've ever lambasted bureaucracy, experienced hubris or decried corruption, tovarisch,, I'm telling you, don't miss this one.


We've already reviewed The Government Inspector, the Nikolai Gogol play being offered at the Guthrie through Aug. 24. Our own Quinton Skinner declared it a "first-rate farce," and so it is. Set in rural Russia, the show lampoons sleazy government dealings through that time-honored tradition, the comedy of misidentification.

You'd think that a 19th century Russian work would be dated, but sloth and greed are universal topics. The adaptation is clever, the writing funny, and the lively show fast-paced.

With a fine ensemble cast, there are subtle pleasures to be found for each individual viewer -- Maggie Chestovich as the mayor's sullen, explosive daughter is mine -- but there's plenty to like, and not a weak point to be found.

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