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Back in June, I posted about the strange, tacky, and weird things voters can buy to support their candidate (or some guy who trying to profit off of politics). Among the gems I found were a McCain golf kit, a Bill and Hilary Clinton teddy bears, and something called Obama's chocolate balls. Now local artists Aldo Moroni and Konstantine Berkovski are bringing politics to the the dinner table with Obama and McCain salt and pepper shakers. It's useful, but it's still presidential crap.



When I first saw this, I thought the shaker looked more like swollen Ronald Reagan. Or, now I look at it again, I think if John McCain loses the election, the artists could probably re-market these as John Madden salt shakers, they'd be perfect for seasoning a six-legged turkey on Thanksgiving.

obama%20shaker.jpg obama1.jpg

And I kind of think that this Obama shaker looks quite a bit like one of the California Raisins.

You can buy your own Obama and McCain shakers for $45 at the artists' Web site:

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